GSSR SPO Teams for weekend work

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by phil1972, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Could someone please explain why the RNR could not be used to free up ships SPO teams when along side in UK harbours over weekends?

    I am sure there are many RNR that would be up for it and it could free up RN for leave or other duties.

    Maybe I am missing something, your thoughts please.
  2. From the rumours I have heard some units are having problems making up the teams and every time the powers that be try to get a team mobilised for a stint somewhere it's a scratch effort nationally. I think that we are destined to only be used on well advertised 2 week deployments for the time being to stop the RNR getting egg all over face for half a team pitching up for weekend work! Last I heard the Northern region hadn't named any teams yet... Don't know if that's a RFPO problem or the fact they can't get enough people together.
  3. Sometimes, as has happened in our unit last week, you are asked to reply to a deployment request with little or no notice i.e. same night it is read out. Some of us really work for a living and miss out on these trips. :sad:
  4. They already do.....
  5. I shouldn't laugh, but i did, nice one lingy :roll:
  6. Lingya your name is on zee list, Vat is your name?
  7. Don't tell 'im, Pike!
  8. Don't panic, don't panic, we're all doomed!
  9. That's a young looking bunch, must be new entries. :wink:
  10. you obviously don't know much then. Northern Region supplied a team to the Dumbarton Castle (Brazil / Falklands) last August at short notice
    no problem at all .... or didn't you hear !!
  11. Hey, no animosity fella. Just stating fact. Naming teams is high on Commares' agenda and your RFPO hasn't done the admin yet... no reflection on the grass roots, point your gun in another direction we're all of one company. Blue on blue ain't good...
  12. I'd love to do it, living in plymouth i'm right at the dockyard pretty much, and would love to do spo duties at weekends or something like that, good experience for later service life and a good earner as i'm still in school, but as with many people, we wouldn't be allowed to do it as "oh sorry you've gone over your training days"
  13. As small unit we can muster the 6 people required for 1/2 a team. we dont have the manager/senior rate as yet. We do have an ex-RN PO who's booked in for his SPO managers course soon so after that we'll hopefully be ready to rock 'n' roll.

    We were asked to volunteer for a couple of weeks in May babysitting a ship but news on that apears to have gone quiet.

    We have asked if a ship comes into a nearby port that we be despatched to help out, just for experience if nothing else. We'd surely be doing the RN a favour if a few more of their lads can get extra leave.
  14. fact was i was part of the team
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Just a thought, may be bollox. A team should know their way around the ship, not just gangway, messdeck, heads/bathrooms. It'd be time to go home by the time a new team was familiarised with their charge.

    Another thing, regular ships' teams need the practice too. Do I detect a bit of willy waving warryness

    Leave your ipods behind when you are on duty, all of you. :evil:
  16. Last time I looked you were part of a force protection team within a bigger unit.

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