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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by LeaderSmudger, Feb 27, 2006.

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  1. Ahoy there fellow GSSR Reservists and general Shipwrecks. To SPO or not to SPO that is the question? I'm looking for opinions both for and against Sailors dressing up like bootys and spending there evenings reading JSP398 A cards! Yes we will still get on Ships but more than likely they will be Merchant Vessels scared of Piracy. Personally i joined the RNR to get on Ships, throw ropes tie knots and pull chains. But i must admit i love all the weapons handling and Baton training. Makes me feel dead hard in my normal job 'ATTENTION ATTENTION UNLESS YOU STOP I WILL POKE YOU WITH MY PENCIL' ! So what do you reckon Shipwrecks has the Navy bestowed us reservists with the short straw or a great honour?

    Fear God Honour the Queen.
  2. My only other option would have been as a communicator, I much prefer the GSSR side of things. I also joined the RNR to go to sea & do sailor stuff. GSSR covers all that & more because you also get to play at being soldiers. I must admit I think I'd get rather bored if I were stuck behind a computer shouting Navy jargon at other ships.
  3. Sorry LS, bottom line is we do the job the navy want us to do, not the ones we would like to.
  4. GCYZ is spot on.

    The Navy actually want us and need us !

    What's wrong with being dressed in green, on the upper desk with your weapon in your hand ! Especially when it's redders at least we are/ will be at sea. Who said you had to stop the ropework and anchors 'n' clankers, i don't see any reason why we can't help out on RM and MN vessels when SPO duties are relaxed.

    Once a Dabber always a Dabber, Give us a paintbrush and we'll dab all day catching the odd ray.

    Better than being a Muppet stuck below deck playing solitaire !

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