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Lantern Swinger
buster said:
It would be nice to get the chance to see what it's like on auto, but I’m sure a certain bearded individual would definitely have more than a quiet word to say if I emptied a mag of 30 on auto on my next NAPWT.

can honestly state it is a peach on full auto, unintentionally tried it at bisley, on the fibua range.7 out of 10 at 100m - interesting.

Have heard a group of 10 discharged on automatic. nice URNU lady had a great zero group.

Actually thought everyone on the point had fired at once


Lardass said:
Right, Ok. Thanks for that guys - am I correct in thinking you are still trained in Comms, Mine Warfare..etc or is the beef just that they are not being put into practice on operations?

What sort of things are GSSR actually doing on operations, is it just patrolling the desk of a ship? Is it patrolling docks, nipping about on motorboats?

Also that's a bugger about the All Arms thing. I'm going to check that strand out you mentioned in the RMR forum.

Hi all, new to this site had a discussion the other day on this exact subject. The other night at my unit I was talking to one of the RN Officers about my intended Branch (Amphibious Warfare), and we got onto the subject of ship protection. As far as STUFT ships go, the idea is you have an AW Branch RNR Officer (usually with a Merchant Navy Deck Officer background), or an RFA Deck Officer in the case of an RFA ship, in charge with a number of GSSR. It may well sound like security guards or baby-sitting ships but the GSSR will have a very important job. As well as the obvious in a war zone, if you ever sail on a merchant ship going through the Malacca / Singapore Straits, along the North Africa Coast or many parts of the Gulf (which isn’t beyond the realms of possibility!!!), you may find it gets a bit, well…‘sporty’ shall we say! Piracy is a massive, massive problem and most people laugh when you say that, as they don’t believe it still exits! Many of my MN colleagues have had their ships boarded or attacked by pirates recently, and my last ship was approach too, take a look;
with that in mind you can imagine the MoD’s concern about shipping critical supplies on STUFT / merchant ships.

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