GSSR - operational at last???

Looking at the signals flying around the Units, can it be true, do I believe my eyes, the Fleet is actually looking to use the RNR GSSR SPO Teams. Not only are we required, but they are foreign drafts!!!!

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some FPTs are already back from being deployed from Forward and Caroline HMS Dumbartoncastle Falklands & Brazil ! and they want more !!


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Well that was until the majority of the "legs" were given to the Royal Machines because the situation has changed in the area.

Seems we are to be kept out of harms way still.
beer_bosun said:
Seems we are to be kept out of harms way still.
that will change as it has for the loggies......fleets discovered that you guys can and do deliver what it says on the tin and in some cases (Kent as eg.) better than the regulars. :twisted: :D

Don't know what percentage of the loggies are actually in theatre (s) at the mo but there is a few and from the dits floating about they're still doing the biz so hang on in there espicially as they are going to start with these mass roulmonts at some point GSSR SPO teams will probably be asked to look after the grey war canoes whilst the crews swap....the loggies will probably be there as well trying to get all HM's finest on the right plane 8O

We are specialists in what we do, fleet now knows we can do it in the field and so they will use us....... :D :D :D


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beer_bosun said:
sinbad said:
They have requested for more of the same in Dec & Feb - i know i saw the signal being sent !
Strange, its the December drafts that have gone to the tooti-fruties...
certain unit got it............they wanted the same people back again!!. They forgot we usually only do on average 2 week every year. Altho i don't have any issues with it as it speaks volumes for what we are capable of doing.

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