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Hello all!

I'm new on here so sorry if this has been done before, but does anyone know when the GSSR branch is getting it's badge?? I've just joined the branch from new entry and getting ready to do my SPO course in the next few months!

Cheers shippers!


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Have a look at 'General Service Seaman (Reserve) and look for 'VESPER' his post of Mon Feb 27 2006 1:49pm



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They have been issued but i've noticed most people are still waering their old badges as there are no crowns or stars on them, or they can't sow !
ring ur 'SLOPS' they should have them.
Just a thought, but now that the navy has dropped the maintainer bit from OM, what’s wrong with a warfare badge with GSSR, AWNIS, NCAGS, SM Ops etc underneath it. At least then people would know roughly what area we worked in, even if the letters caused confusion. At least they could have put a 23 or even a 45 on it. Looks like its been drawn by "John, age 7"


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Have you seen the GSSR badge - i'll keep my sparkers badge if you dont mind!

Rumour has it that they are changing the GSSR badge again soon anyway!!

regard Trehorn


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Informed badges arrived at my unit this week. Issue begins next week, but i'll be hanging onto my old one as long as poss.

The new badge sucks.


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No offence intended but due to some of my 'politically incorrect' remarks on here i'm not going to give myself away.

Fortunately only Able Rate badges are available at this point. Hopefully we'll have a delay of about ten years before they issue other variations so they can be avoided altogether.

Can anyone say who the muppet was who designed the thing? What were they thinking? haven't met anyone who thinks it's ok yet!

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