Grough: "Climber 'Lucky To Be Alive' After 1,000ft Fall"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I want his lottery numbers.
  2. Never been my thing but I have another son who is keen and travels to the Alps a lot.
    Him and his fiancée were climbing Ben something or other,and they came to a part my son said was a bit tricky for the gear they had.
    His lass, who was a better climber, said she would go and meet him on the other side.
    He climbed up the easier route and found her halfway down on a ledge where she had slipped off.
    He climbed down and just before he got there she fell to her death.
    I thought it would put him off but he still climbs.
    As an other rider the boss of the Gaming Commission who was our regulator,climbed Everest,all the Alps then came home and fell off Snowdon to his death.It's a bit to risky for us Newkie Broon drinkers to try that sport.
  3. Just watched the ITV News nice red and grey Sea king with Royal Navy on the side, RN Osifer with RN on his flying suit, blerb on the bottom of the screen "Royal Air Force rescue"???????????????????????????????WTF.:angry4::angry4::angry4::angry4::angry4:
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  4. One lucky git.

    I picked a bloke up who plummeted off Ben Eime or the 'Cobbler' as it's known. Fell 90 feet, broke nearly all bones in his body except his back, eye ball hanging out and in intensive care for 6 months.

    So our English speaking Glasgow resident falling 1,000 should indeed buy a lottery ticket. One lucky man
  5. Lucky bugger. Just loved the cheeky chappies interview for regional news. Amazing he wasnt seriously hurt and even more amazing how unfazed he was by it all

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