Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Greendeath, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. During my service, I was never really fussy when it came to women. I think I was one of those who was sympathetic towards the gronks. After coming back from a stint abroad it was always the grid I looked at last. Usually the next day, as you do! I had standards in those days and I wasn't raising them for anyone!! Any port in a storm!! We did them all, didn't we. The Good, The Bad & The extremely Ugly

    Mind you, I do recall a bootneck at RM Poole once who trapped a gronk in a wheel chair. She had no legs below the knee and was wearing stockings & suspenders. He was trying to trap anything that had more hair on it than a barber shop floor but was luckless. I think this girl was his last resort.

    "Doggy Fash" apparently, I heard he was stumped when someone asked her name!!!!


  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Poor lad, I recall a young bootneck trapping someone in a wheelchair in Exeter, he wheeled her home and got her into bed. After physically opening her legs (she was paralysed) he jibbed out on the deal and stood by her head so she could give him a blowjob.... :oops:

    Apparantly....... :dwarf:
  3. Talking about ugly gronks. I once picked a gronk up in Cascades. It was a 10 to 2 a.m. shiters job. She took me home and I did the bizz before falling off to sleep after our all day saturday sesh.

    We headed back to Cascades the next day after a visit to the Phoenix, PR and the two twigs. I had an oppo called Spike who asked me to point her out which I did and he said she was hideous, which she was.

    Anyway: We finished our Sunday afternoon sesh at 3pm and went to Drake Cinema to watch a film!! Or more accuratley to sit infront of the thing and sleep our afternoon sesh off till opening time. Anyway, several hours later we headed back to cascades and saw that the mega ugly gronk had returned. Spike's comment at this stage were, "she's not really that ugly, is she?"

    I just laughed. At the end of the night I trapped an absolute stunner. Well by that time she looked that way. Spike staggered out of the club with the ugly gronk and later told me she was one hell of a shagg. Unfortunately, she also told Spike that she had to throw me out of her bedsit in the early hours of the morning for snoring heavily.

    The ungrateful git I thought. But there ya go!!!


  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I pulled some gronk down union street, it must have been about 3a.m, kebab in hand waiting for a taxi. (by the roundabout) Next thing I've pulled a munter who was also in the queue, so back to her hovel and I'm doing my best Ron Jeremy impersonations. Next thing the walls start banging and an awful howl filled the was her kids headbutting the walls and crying for attention......needless to say I shot my muck and fcuked off sharpish.
  5. Cascades what a memory dit on- Being a Matelot Cascades was a bit of an adventure for us in the late seventies. Our favourite haunt being the Commodore. Anyway night before sailing on a 5 man chamber fitted "O boat for Gib where we were to train with the SBS, Cascades was the run ashore. Both my self and an unknown booty trapped a couple of slappers who took us back to a bedsit somewhere in Mutley. We were all shit faced and there was only one bed.

    We all got into the said farter but the booty "Simon" fell straight to sleep. I proceeded to give my slapper a seeing to before she fell asleep. I then proceeded to touch up the other wench, I quite quickly got a slap around the head as I had been fondling Simons scrotum and had woken him up! He quickly went back to sleep so I gave his slapper one as well. I woke up at about 5am the boat sailing at 6am, fcuck I was going to be adrift! I leapt out of bed and started the hunt for my knicks and socks, could I find them? Could I fcuck. What does one do? I stole Simons undergarments after all I would never see them again would I?

    Five days later the boat arrives in Gib and the SB guys start embarking their kit. I am stood on the casing who walks onboard? Fcuking "Simon". He takes one look at me with glaring eyes and informs me I had better keep my mouth shut! Of course the first thing I did was inform his Colour Sergeant of the dit. The SB guys thought it was hilarious and Siimon was shamed into buying me many a vodka and cylume light stick in the Horseshoe over the next few weeks.

    I just love Royal!

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