Gronks Ball

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Achmed, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Taking a trip down memory lane.............trying re-create the horror shows that were the "nice young ladies that used to freakquent the Gronks Ball in the 80s.

    1 did any one else shag the hunch back bird with the claw hand?

    2, there were two sisters from Exeter with the Biggest norks( you got to shag them both in Dieppe block.

    your tales of woe! and lasting memories? :tp:
  2. I know i wasnt the only one to shag horrors at the gronks ball :afro: , so fes up
  3. Couldnt be no worse than "The Dumbarton Debs" that used to show up on Pay Nights at Faslane !!
  4. I am the hunchback bird with the claw hand! how dare you!!!
  5. Was your Mum one of the "Leeds Commandos" who used to hang around "Ceres" in the fifties? Been looking for her for yonks!

  6. Murial from the Newbiggan Hall Estate up in Newcastle would take some beating , kinnell , Anerexic , mid 40s & I was only 18 {this was back in the 70s } , dread to think what she would be like now if still alive that is .
  7. Could you be my long lost father?
  8. More probably Grandfather!

  9. I dared in the first place...........LOL :rendeer:
  10. Mummy!
  11. You havent PMd me to take me up on my very kind offer :lick:
  12. PM sent, I eagerly await your reply lol
  13. PMd.....eagerly await my return...........LOL
  14. I don't know about a Gronks Ball, but my old oppos on the Amazon used to have a standing £5 bet for who could trap the ugliest bird the earliest. I used to win all the time, it took me 2 years to realise i was on a bite. Good times :thumright:
  15. Manky Maureen from the RA in Gosport,cant remember the others that used to frequent the place.
    Too many years have passed.
    Sonia and her daughter Tina were well worth a squirt though.
  16. We used to have " grab a granny n grope it" night....we'll it was most nights actually.

    There was this one bird, you took the bra off they were hanging, you would lift them up and you could see the sweat crystals glystening in the dark, romantic like......LoL
  17. Like 2 dead puppies in a sack
  18. Hms Fulmar sunday night hop/ at the end of the night/ some jds would get on stage and present some unsuspecting matelot and bird with the" Ropey Trophy " one young girl won it and was dead chuffed? said that she hadnt won anything in her life before !! :hump: :thumright:

  19. Ah bless her cotton socks :thumright:
  20. DADDY! I have booked a place on Jeremy Kyles show for us to appear on, then we can talk backstage with 'Graham'.

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