Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Artist, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Anyone ever play this game?

    Had it down pat so I did. One mega ugly Civvy Nurse whom I used to meet in the Tamar at Crownhill was me GRONK. We would arrange to meet in either Cascades of Boobs/Metric later that night. I kid you not she had more hair on her chest than HAGAR THE HORRIBLE! Had Bucked Teeth and kept Gerbils in her flat. Stank like hell the place did. :D

    Normal routine was that everyone would put 50 pence or a quid into a Pint Pot and then it was up to everyone to try and Trap the Uglyiest woman. He who trapped the BESTEST GRONK won.

    Unfortunately for me after winning hands down about three times on the trot the blokes sussed out that it was the same GRONK I trapped everytime. So they barred me from the game. Used to go halfs with the civvy nurse when it came to the winnings. And Ten quid was a lot of Dosh in the mid seventies! 10 pence for a pint of Double Diamond. 50 pence for a TAXI back to Seaton/her flat plus a Chinky......Great times so they were!!! :D

  2. Used to play the same game with my mates on our holidays abroad, but we called it "pull the pig"

    Some very scary memories from that game!!
  3. Go ugly early the only way
  4. Hi,

    Newbie here. ex pongo/RM based at Lympstone as an instructor in 1978 for 3 yrs, and 4yrs in the RMR in the 90s. I think we called it a St George Night. anyone else use this term?
  5. I knew it as 'Grab a Granny' night in the 70s - not that I ever attempted to try it :wink:
  6. Yep grab a grannie , afraid I did, but don't care to remember it to much [fxxxxxxxg nightmares I can tell you],makes me shudder to think of some of them , :roll: :idea: :roll:
  7. What's the matter with you lot?
    Grab a Granny, Widows Hop, whatever you want to call them, were excellent runs ashore.
    Trapping was virtually guaranteed, unless you were really and absolutely monged.
    Who cared what anyone looked like.....until the morning anyway!

    Thinking about it, even if you were really monged, some horror might take you away to play with. Even that was worth it, if only for the dit value!
  8. They used to be great nights and loads of fun. But the mornings were alwasy a bit concerning, trying to sneak out before the gorilla woke up :)

    I also used to find it most amusing when you got on the bus from the married patch in Guz and all the RA's used to give you the once over and wondering whos missus you had been playing cribbage with. ;-)
  9. Can I just add , that I only shudder for a second then I have to smile at the memories , walking up the gangway at 6 in the morning and you know what the QM/BM are thinking , can't help smiling at them though can you :lol: :lol:
  10. So very true, especially when you had the daily paper and a pint of milk in your mitt. Don't forget the standeasy dit as well whilst yomping an oggie. :lol:
  11. How I remember the bottle of milk and a paper! It was like carrying a great big sign - Guess who trapped last night??!!
  12. Yeah the pint of milk and the current bun! Then going down the mess and waking your oppo by wafting your fingers under his nose and introducing him to your new girlfriend!

    Oh for the good ole days
  13. What!?! Eating Scampi Fries on the way into work :wink: :lol:
  14. Anyone remember the 'Smoothey Trophy' and 'Ropey Trophy' - lacquered/varnished lengths of cordage on a wooden board ?
    Depending on who (or what) you trapped dicated the trophy you were awarded.

    Knew a dusty who awarded them to trainee Jennies - caused a few tears, but then he was a real b* at times .
  15. Everytime I partake in a bag of Scampi fries I get flashbacks and a bit of a lob on! Never been to bed with an ugly woman, but snook away from a few in the morning!
  16. Remeber once being out with the lads and we agreed we would be painters and decorators (original I know), ended up in Budoe(?) palace after a hectic night in Jesters, giving a (quote). Pictures of the old man on the wall, kids were still up and I ended up shoving her round the living room on all fours. She was definitely in the LBFB brigade, especially when I went brown!
    Oppo upstairs givin quote for a ceiling and nailing her better looking mum
  17. god listen to you lot, i assume you all look like Brad Pitt?!
  18. We always semm to go to bed with Kim Basinger and then wake up with Bella Emberg!!! For those of you to young to recognise Bella she was the ugly , fat side kick of Russ Abbott
  19. What? She was Blunderwoman ?? - I never recognised her in the outfit !!
  20. far from it, after a few beers i look like a young sean connery in his bond days!

    when i get up in the morning i look more like moore...... patrick moore!

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