Grenade Macine Gun for Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dubaipusser, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. I read a piece in the Gulf News (sorry no hyperlink) about a live firing exercise on Salisbury Plain in the last few days of a Heckler & Koch Grenade Machine Gun System ordered by the RM for use in Afghanistan.

    The kit is mounted on the back of specially adapted landrovers and fires 40mm HE grenades up to ranges of 2000m in either single shot or automatic mode at a rate of up to 340 rounds per minute.

    At a cost of £4.3million the RM has apparently ordered 40 of them (cost to 'specially adapt' the landrovers was not reported but will probably be about the same again)

    My question though ... Has the UK military actually got 340 grenades?
  2. I am quite sure they have, they will be in the back of some ammo dump left over from WW2 and now rather unsatble, even if unprimed.

    As to 340 grenades for those flashy laucher things, it depends on whether there was a BOGOF deal on at the time.

  3. Re: Grenade Machine Gun for Afghanistan

    The Russians developed an automatic 30mm grenade launcher when they were in AFG in the 1980's.

    They called it Plamya.

    This is the export version, which they also produce in 40mm.

    A Spanish firm called Santa Barbara then produced a version in Europe. I believe( standing by to be corrected) It is the S_B piece which has been adopted by the US Forces.

    If Royal is asking for an AGL it is probably this one.

    Don Cabra
  4. I would have thought a few A10's and a couple of thousand gallons of Napalm would be a better alternative.
  5. Dropping a few hundred gallons of liquid soap on the dirty smelly rag headed bastards may be even better. Would that come under a smart bomb category. I got soap in me eyes!!!!!!!!!!!! I am clean damn the cursed infidel!!!!
  6. esp if the soap is made with Pig and cow fat!!!1
  7. I'm laughing with much amusement!
  8. They will recieve and get trained on them next month

    Probabley a 'time share' deal for their 340 rounds a minute!

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