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War Hero
Just signed up to this site
Left the RN 4yrs ago after almost 24yrs ending up as a CPOMEA(EL) served on Bristol,carriers,T42, T-boats (got the badge passed the shutdown board went back skimmer with claustrophobia!!) T21,MCMV and T23 Done shoretime in Pompey Chatham and Rosyth
Now working for a company fixing trains on behalf of SWT
Welcome aboard Rum Ration Buster. Another relative youngster I see (though not a young as Junior Jenny)! Look forward to your posts on RR Buster.

Long time since I've been called a youngster
Cheers for the welcome, I'm sure I will be posting as the need arises, after all, opinions are like a***eholes-everyone's got one!!
Welcome Buster. Beware of the Sea dogs. Old age and cunning will always.....

You've been around a bit. Must be the same era as me but I'm still serving. Started out as an EL now I am just cross threaded. I take it from the avtar that you are not a real tiff.
Sootblower if you are implying that it only took me a 2.5yr course to get the same qualification that took you 5years, you are correct :wink:

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