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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by PussersMuddle, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Just thought I say hello in this thread, since that's what I think its intended for.

    It been many a year since I left the mob, and funnily enough, even more since I joined. Served a number of years in the WE branch as Pinkie and after Raleigh and Collingwood joined the Lowestoft for a couple of years til' she paid off then after a short sojourn at FEC in Rosyth joined Yarmouth for another couple of years until she paid off also (can anyone see a pattern emerging here?). Type 12s were great ships to serve on, with great ships company. After sea time I spent a couple of years at Faslane in the Comcen as a maintaner on Red Watch, 3 weeks shift/2 weeks off - great. After leaving the mob I worked in electronic design for coule of years until getting made redundant then decided to go to University and studied Aero Engineering at Glasgow Uni. Got a job on graduating with the big British Aeroplane enterprises and have been here now for 10 years as a systems engineer.

    Anyway, it's not all about me, what about you.......?

    Hope to spin some dits with more of you soon.

  2. Welcome to RR Pussers I think I also work for British Aeroplane enterprises
    Hope you find the site interesting
  3. Thanks Hawkeye. You in Lancashire?
  4. I am today but mostly in the South at Waterlooville
  5. There's certainly a lot of ex-RN types (wafus and other) at the Company. I can blindly throw a rock and hit about 6 in my office alone. I'm surprised there isn't a RN social club within the firm!

    Good to 'speak' to you.
  6. Welcome, used to be part of Messy Beast until they sold us to the Italians

    Enjoy yourself here.

  7. wats a pinkie.....

    oh hello by the way...

    am joinin as a WE in jan striaght to collingwood
  8. Pooley

    A Pinkie is the little finger you hold out extended as you drink your tea in the bun house.

    Now someone tell him what the bunhouse is so he is up to speed when he get to Collingwood.

  9. A pinkie is a most rare and timorous beastie, probably now extinct in the mob and 'twas the R side of the WE branch when there was only Os & Rs, the Os being greenies.

    Clear as mud?
  10. I seem to remember "C"s as well, Control Electrical
  11. Only found the site to-day. Been some good reading so far. Started as JRO at Ganges in 71 and reached the giddy hights of RO1(T) before getting out. Years later i'm back home in Central Scotland employed by a computer manufacturer. ROLL ON THE GOOD TIMES

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