Greenies HELP!!!!!! Please

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Polycell, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. I have started putting together a web site for RN Greenies.
    I would like some input from all Greenies out there old and new ex and still serving.
    I am looking for pictures of the rate badges, History snippets etc in fact anything pertaining to the Greenies branch. As a complete pleb with respect to web site design and building I would appreciate any techy help advice what ever.
    I intend to put together a noddy database of names rates/ranks etc of people serving/served.
    Again please contact me any Greenies out there.
  2. Why just Greenies...? :???: If I may ask...
  3. Because its a website for Greenies!

    polycell, send me a pm mate, let me know what information you need, ok ;)
  4. does that apply to wafu greenies?
  5. Oh..silly me!!!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. let us know when if it is up and going . It can be a race with the new carriers see which one is ready first
  7. Yep waafoos too I have no racist or sexiest preferences!!!
    In fact there were waafoo greenies in my Collingwood entry and cos there was a shortage of REM(A) I was asked if I wanted the job!!
  8. How on earth are you going to stay awake long enough? And who on earth is going to turn the lights for you?
  9. Lamp tramps to the fore,the other greenies :evil: of the goverment need you to change old lamps for new everlasting ones :razz: .So all you real greenies out there can earn some spare cash relamping the U.K.

    Have fun,enlighten the world. :cool:
  10. Good on Yer Polycell

    It is good to know that someone has seen the light and knows how to fix i!

    Greenie 53-72
  11. Because we rock!!
  12. More socket than rock(et) I think. :lol:
  13. Does Greenies include tree-huggers too?
  14. Polycell, PM me for whatever information you need. Was a "greenie" from 1962 to 1977, Finished as POOEL in diesel submarines. 'Fraid I don't have any pics of branch badges from that era, sorry.

    Notable stories: complete shutdown of the propulsion switchboard after a soaking with salt water from a sea valve blow-out at 500 feet. Interesting to say the least.

    Fracturing the wrist of spectator whilst operating the ahead/astern switch on an "A" class boat propulsion switchboard. (Any "A" boat greenies out there will know exactly what I mean)

    If you intend to use free webspace provided by your ISP for your website, you'll probably find the ISP will provide help and guidance, perhaps even freebie web building software.
  15. Home page built.
    I will when I know how to do it!! put in a database of names rates official numbers etc.
    A gallery page of classes and years.
    Possibily a forum if I need the aggro!! So moderators will be required Oh god what am I doing!!
    Any other suggestions?
  16. for some reason the link wont open for me I have no idea why
  17. Are they real greenies??? :shock: :mrgreen:
  18. I hope so dhoby coz I wore a greenie badge
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Links not working Poly
  20. What about us clankies who can change our own bunk light?

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