Greenies HELP!!!!!! Please


War Hero
I have started putting together a web site for RN Greenies.
I would like some input from all Greenies out there old and new ex and still serving.
I am looking for pictures of the rate badges, History snippets etc in fact anything pertaining to the Greenies branch. As a complete pleb with respect to web site design and building I would appreciate any techy help advice what ever.
I intend to put together a noddy database of names rates/ranks etc of people serving/served.
Again please contact me any Greenies out there.


War Hero
Yep waafoos too I have no racist or sexiest preferences!!!
In fact there were waafoo greenies in my Collingwood entry and cos there was a shortage of REM(A) I was asked if I wanted the job!!


Lantern Swinger
Lamp tramps to the fore,the other greenies :evil: of the goverment need you to change old lamps for new everlasting ones :razz: .So all you real greenies out there can earn some spare cash relamping the U.K.

Have fun,enlighten the world. :cool: