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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Of course not... Fool!

  2. How the fcuk would I know. I am a greenie!

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  3. Of course we can... we get taught on our resettlement course!

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  4. WTF are greenies?

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  5. I will sit on the fence/bulkhead and not gob off.

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    I was recently disturbed to learn that Greenies and light bulbs are incompatible, as greenies only know how to replace a lamp. I've been forced to ponder if the Domestic Greenie (Greenie domesticus) upon getting home on leave, can cope with replacing the inaccessible landing light that Mrs Greenie cannot reach, or if Mr Greenie has to invite qualified electricians in to do the jon for him? Of course it's possible that greenies domestic arrangements have no need for bulbs and use paraffin, wicks and lamps only. I suspect however bthat at least 10% of greenies have electric illumination devices (aka light bulbs) illuminating their homes.

    So the question is: can greenies cope in a domestic setting or are they only suited to solitary lives, isolated from light bulbs?
  2. Steve either someone has hacked your account or you've turned into a total prick.
  3. Taffy my greenie welsh store keeper swore that the soil was so dark in the Rhonda that the had to plant light bulbs!
  4. Nah - its fair comment. As an ex Tiff of the Green Persuasion I can honestly say that I am not domesticated. Mrs Katweezil of 17 years has tried and failed dismally! My 1st trip on HMS Dovey they made me Wardroom steward, I was releived after 1 day! (mind you, telling Occifers to "clean up their own mess" didn't help - I'll never understand that part of the RN - Why cant the Pigs clean up after themselves?)

    We dont need bulbs cos we stay in bed (Winner of HMS Spey "Golden Blanket award" 1992 & '93)

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