Green rub for a Greenie.

Was on retard summer leave at Sultan, buffers party clearing the long grass from a hedgerow. Some of the lads had taken off their 8 shirts but I did not, anyway hacking away with a hand sythe I took the top off a wasp's nest and was stung pretty badly, could have been worse had the lads not pulled a bundle off me. Unknown to me one wasp had done a sneaky ops and hid in my 8 shirt pocket, was taken to Collingwood by pussers tilly that being the only manned sickbay during leave.
Wasp had by now built up a mega bastard on and crept out of my pocket and stung a REM sat next to me wating for treatment, well he went apeshit
''Argh argh I have been stung'' flailing his arms about, got more sympathy from SBA's than me TSK.
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