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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Handler, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. How much longer is going to happen ? Another 2 killed and also a report of 4 more NATO troops killed. 51 killed this year, reports of 6 Harriers having been destroyed in the latest attack.
  2. It will happen till we leave.
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  3. Hang on. Have I missed a report or something? Where does it say the attack on Bastion was a Green on blue?
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    It is (unfortunately) in the interests of the Taliban to ramp this up to max so as to say to the Afghan people that the Taliban forced us out, not that we were going home anyway. Same thing in Aden and virtually everywhere else where we cut our losses and baled out (Cyprus, NI etc). Since the end result will be the same we should wrap it sooner rather than later.

    The media idea that this wog version of Pebble Island was to do with Harry or that film has to be bogus - too much preparation needed.
  5. Cheers, didn't know an ANP bod had taken part. I had thought it was your regular tellytubbies.

    Problem is, the more success the gain from Green on Blues, the more they'll do it. Say what you like about the enemy in Afghanistan, they have constantly evolved their tactics to great effect. We on the other hand still haven't a clue what we are aiming to achieve.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  7. I don't quite understand it either. Before this I had heard no suggestion the Bastion attack involved green forces.

  8. Totally agree, when our lads and lasses are constantly watching their backs in case their ‘allies’ open fire on them it has to be undermining morale.
  9. I watched a documentary on Afghanistan (there have been several so I am unable to recall which particular one this dit comes from and of course we are only shown what has been allowed ..) but an old wise tribal elder said that there have been many invaders into their country over the years as the borders are basically open. However, armies once in have suffered heavily once in in trying to get out ...

    Seeing news reports on yet another fatality is heart breaking - no seriously, even this hairy arsed ex-matelot winces (you should have seen me stood in front of the Lancaster from the BBMF at this years Jersey Air Show last week - nearly in tears as I looked at it considering what it represented and what has happened to the country since it was built ..) but the numbers of casualties are appalling. 25% casualty rate in places - of course, only deaths are reported with significant gusto by the media.

    This is appalling for a bl00dy gas pipeline to Pakistan and India.
  10. Why would anyone be shocked at current events ?

    This is crap,crap,crap and always happens when governments refuse to learn from history.

    Bush, I can understand,considering he could barely string a sentence together, but Bliar-unforgivable.The man is a trained barrister and his sidekick had a degree in history but his greed brought us to this.

    The USA decided ten years ago it could do what Russia could not and the British Empire could not.

    Bigger fool us for throwing our lot in with the yanks. If you don't want a fire, don't light the match.

    As usual, it's the poor bastards on the ground taking the heat.

    Alongside this, some utter,utter ****** in the media declares where Prince Harry is.
    Putting his safety aside,what about the risk to the highly-trained men who have to protect him ? It takes years to train men of that calibre.

    I'm sorry, but there are certain high profile people who need to should just stay out of the arena, not for their sake, but those around them.

    News today, downtown protests in Affie about a film re: Prophet Mohammed.They are now shouting 'Death to America'.

    Ten years of war. Achieved ? Nothing. Every single death preventable.
  11. Sorry I'm laughing at the thought of those highly trained men holding on to Harry's Apache as he's flying around doing his job. Maybe they thought because a couple Booties did it a few years ago to pick up their oppo they could do it to protect Harry.

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I thought the Taliban who launched the attack were dressed in either Brit/US uniform, as in a "ruse" to get close not as in a green on blue.

    Quite a clever little Op by the cunning bastards.

    Wasn't Alexander the Great the last person to conquer Afghanistan? In those pre internet days I suppose he'd probably never heard it was a shithole so kept at it until he won.
  13. .

    Poor US Marine Corps ! Still having to use that useless, inefficient piece of equipment the Harrier. Unlike the British who are led by brilliant politicians with strategic vision who threw them away as they would have been useless in Libya, and useless in Afghanistan !

    I'm sure the US Marines are happy that the Taliban saved them the cost of scrapping them.

    ( How do OUR politicians not die of shame I can't imagine. )


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