Green Light for Metal Theft

With my "benefit of the doubt" hat on I can actually see why he should have been allowed to get away with it.

This wasn't so much ignorance of the law with regard to theft or unlawful removal of property, as ignorance that the stuff hadn't been thrown away as worthless. The stuff was in a skip - ie rubbish.

In certain circumstances I would be delighted if someone came round and emptied my skip of stuff I don't want (and have hence thrown away) because I wouldn't then need to pay the equivalent of the Bolivian national debt to have the skip removed and replaced with an empty one quite so often.

This is totally different to nicking memorial plaques etc (IMHO) so this is one outrage bus I do not intend to climb aboard.
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Not in the public interest to prosecute, does that translate into, arrest him, charge him, arrange a court appearance, try him, find him guilty and see him let off with a bollocking, ergo it aint worth all the fuss and expense for no result. Petty crime should be fast tracked cutting out the bureaucracy and cost, wham bam mind your fingers .
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