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Until yesterday I'd always assumed the the much coveted Green Beret was a marine Commando's proudest possession. I wandered into one of my local charity shops and there amongst all the rest of the jumble was a genuine example properly moulded complete with badge. It saddened me a little that someone had seen fit to part company after all the work to earn it.To their credit the charity had identified it as a little more of worth than most of their stuff and were asking £9.99!


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I would assume most guys have more than one beret in their career. The one that’s presented at the end of the 30 miler will have sentimental value, but the ‘spares’ probably not so much. That’s the cheerier version of the story I’m going with! :)


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A lot of Royals give their first beret to their partner, or if the recruit is ugly and still single, their Mum :)

Doesn't sound much but it is their most valued possession for most, so the gesture is genuinely significant.


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We did the same with our Dolphins. Did you know the Queen personally presented them to us..........?

And they weren't swapped for kit either............

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