Green Goddess Crews Reunited

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nicks, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. Just reading thru next months Navy News,and there is the Time Of Your Lives Section,and in there it states ;

    30 years ago,over 4,000 sailors and marines spent the festive season in company of a Green Goddess,covering the firefighters strike.

    Also it says that MP John Cronin argued that it was absurd that fireman should be recieving £12.00 a week more for not fighting fires than the men who were actually doing the job for them !!

    Happy days in Faslane in a Green Goddess.
  2. This will be the Fireman strike of 1977, I was trained up on the green trucks.

    If you were also you will remember the two man pump, the one that took at leasy three to lift LOL.

    The days of covering the future strkes were not new
  3. yep, remember it well, we were based up in Glasgow Mary Hill, great time. Couple of good dits about that I remember I wonder if Steve Helawell who starred in both is still around?
    1. the coffin above the Chinese takaway.
    2. saving the booze from the hotel that was on fire.
    It was a joint RN/MR green godess crew station.
  4. Wasn't that a similar situation the last time the double-job working loadsoftime off chappies walked?
  5. That's the ones
    Sleep all night, run Kerbside Motors during the day cash up front only. No VAT
    Our local station has,
    Boys in Blue Kitchens fitted
    Fire me or wire me Electricians
    Chimney sweep
    All paul beares at funerals, thirtyquid a shot each cash in hand
    Kevins Kerbside Motors
    Water and Plumbing our speciality,
    Your roof re-tiled by specailist roofists
    Gardens landscaped
    Four-days on Four-nights on Eight days off Five weeks leave £30k its a hard life

    A good deal of them are ex service, and I must admit I get a good car maintenance at a third of the garage price
    They even pick the car up, Early evening work on it overnight at the station and deliver it back around six A.M Ready for work the next day
    All for sixty quid cash plus parts
    GARAGE £175 plus parts
  6. Was detailed for the one in the early eighties .
    Didn't get to go out though but beforehand had to do the ladder drills ,pump routines etc etc refresher at the old Rosyth FF school .

    The best laugh was collecting the Green Goddesses from Edinburgh
    had to drive them ourselves to Faslane in convoy .Crash /double declutch gearboxes --yes !!
    The indicator switches were a retro fit from the original trafficators and were on the dashboard ------only thing was switch position obvious for say turning left was opposite and indicated the off side lamps .
    The M8 was fcukin chaos -----

    Faslane doing test drives aswell --there were battered gate posts ,fences
    etc and they never told us the dangers of driving with a partially filled water tank!!

    Anyway the fireman decided to stay at work so we weren't required .

    Apparently now they have said any future strikes the forces will use the
    normal fire appliances and equipment.

    Happy Days :w00t: :w00t:

    :nemo: :nemo:
  7. We tried to get the f/f equipment this last time round told we wernet insured so ram it jack. Used Green Godess and two pick up trucks. what a laugh no serious call out over the intire period.
  8. Wouldnt let me do it in 77 as I was due to go outside in 78 and was thinking of joining the Fire Service.
    We stood watch in the Bulls Head in Plymouth instead.
  9. The green goddess have been sold to african countries.


    Killed on fire fighting duties on 6th December 1976 on Oldham road Newton heath Manchester during the firemans strike (op burberry).
    The green goddess in which they were travelling skidded and lost control and overturned into a petrol station (due to the water slopping about in the rear) while on route to an emergency call which later turned out to be a hoaxe alarm.

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