Green Facts Needed

Hello All,

One of the guys in the office is a green liberal. We are doing our best to wind him up (revving our 4x4's etc). All in the name of fun.

I would say he is at the 80% major flash point, just running out of ammunition to send him over the edge.

Can you help? :thumright:
Tell him how badger baiting is actually good for the badgers, as it stops them from getting TB.

Likewise dog fighting is a good, healthy way for puppies to let off steam.
Nice one!
We've just been giving him shit about wearing bleached jeans. Doesn't he realise how much damage bleach does to the environment??
also..Pheasant Shoots.......... with out them the Pheasant would not be so many................(also personally i dont agree with any form of hunting)
If he's a veggie or vegan, complain about how plants are living things too, and why don't they have rights?

If you really want to annoy him, call him a plant murdering hypocrite.
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