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There is no waythe Greeks will be able to control their economy and meet the terms of the bailout by the EEC and the IMF. They can't even enforce the No Smoking regulations!

The new law has banned smoking in eateriessince 7/1/09.
Have a look how many cigarettes are in the ashtray on the right in this picture...

Look in the ashtray,.. the ashtray, the bloody ashtray!
Sh*t you're worse than the Greeks!
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It might be all Greek to you lot but further study of this tableau makes it quite clear that the occasion is Nana Mouskouri's grandaughter's 40th Birthday Bash:

1. She is reading a pop-up card: it says :evil3: "Ευτυχισμένα Γενέθλια - Εδώ είναι ενός φύλλου για δική σας εμφύτευμα στήθους." and it's yellow envelope is propped up behind that bottle of lighter fuel/ούζο.

2. That 'pup' down her frock, the bottle of Ballantines Scotch and the small gift-box to her left are all her birthday presents.

3. The foreground guy apparently 'reading something without text' is merely waiting his turn to hand over his card.

4. She's not wearing any drawers either, but that fact doesn't emerge until the next photo in the sequence.

5. Oh - And only two of the 12 gentlemen present kept their black socks on.:slow:

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