Greatest/worst (golf) drive ive seen

I remember playing on the Mombai (Bombay to the old skool) Golf Course and one of the lads who plays very well unlike me, however he for the first time that day had a wayward drive off the tee. Unfortunately it hit an Indian caddy and by time he got up there to apologise he had loads of them gathered round him. It ended up costing him 200 dib dobs to keep the guy happy :lol:


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Whilst on the topic of Golf, does anyone know what the handicap is the for the Navy team? I currently play off 4, but work as an assistant at my local pro shop sho looking to improve.


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yorkieyorke said:
Shot! lol. As a golfer I can say that its impossible to do that, believe me, i've tried :lol:
Your problem was probably that you aimed for the bird. If you had aimed away from the bird you'd have increased your chances significantly.
Ageing_Gracefully said:
Backpacker1uk said:
Golf along with football are a waste of valuable time when one can be in the pub
fixed that for you BP. No need to thank me :lol:
At least going to the pub to watch the football is an occaisionally accepted excuse for getting outta the house when the missus is in a funny mood. 'Darling, im just going down the pub to watch the golf' isnt as believable. :)

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