greatest achievements in the faa?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by loiz18, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. what kind of awards and achievements are there for those in the faa? looking mainly for those who are naval airmen (ah) but very interested in all stories from all branches.
  2. You can if your dedicated enough attain the "Train Spotter of the year" award,or even the " I am going sightseeing insted of on the piss" award,i gained the "most tatooed in 24hrs " award in Hong Kong,and yes i am so proud of it,killik of the mess called me on OD ,ferk knows why :D :wink:
  3. Can you expand on that a little? Not sure what you mean.
  4. I passed my Peeps second-time around. That was a great achievement for me :lol:
  5. But in all honesty i am very proud that i reached the dizzy heights of Pogi,
  6. what would you strive to achieve in the faa. promotions, medals, what ever else there might be. :)

    lol how many tattoos did you get?
  7. Ashamed as i am i got 4 done at pinkys within a six hour period,dont blame me blame the ferkin beer, :D
  8. I always thought it was unfair on the WE's when the flight was embarked, there was no way the Golden Blanket was going to anyone outside Wu's
  9. Golden Blanket?
  10. FFS you are pulling my plonker right.
  11. Is that were you piss on sombody or somthing like that :D ,

    Ps I dont know what Golden Blanket is ,sorry
  12. Perhaps he meant ..golden shower..??

    hey Cris was pinky still using that cork with a needle stuck in it when you were there??.....It gave me a record breaking monsoon blister.....
  13. Yeh thats it, :D
  14. Fcuk Pinky the slit eyed tw*t .
    I got Cindy across the top of my arm, and his tatoos do not become unreadable even after 37 years.
    Fcukin wifes named Karen. :oops: :cry: 8O
  15. Scouse had a make & mend on day and manaaged to keep away from the bookies. :p
    I had a make & mend and managed to keep out of my pit :oops:
    LAEM Charlie B was given a make & mend and complained to his DO :cry:
  16. Cant remember the needle and cork UA,i was always harrycrappers :D
  17. Do you not remember going to Pinky with me and Rick Shirley, when I fell over the balcony and landed on that geezers dinner? He hit me with a candle stick and cut me head open. :oops: :cry: :D
  18. I achieved sole Chairmanship of the FTDTDC, "the Fred Tubb Drink Till Drop Club" Hic.
    On leaving the mob as a PO, I had been a Killick 3 times and a PO twice. bloody good runs they were too.
  19. SPIV Leahy Buccaneer Strike Force C/O 809 squadron Captain Alan Leahy CBE DSC RN joined the Royal Navy in 1943 as a Naval Airman
  20. So much happened with you toerags :wink: that i cant remember everything Rumrat old chap,but it doesnt supprise me that you fell over the balcony, :D

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