"Greater Recognition For Senior Female Officers"

How come the officer and senior rate sailorettes kept their headgear ,shirts and blouses while the junior rate jennies got lumbered with milk churn lids, white fronts and kecks ??
yup. Personally I prefer the look of white fronts for day to day 'white' rig wear (although i'm sure most would hate them as being uncomfy etc) and I think it's a shame they now wear the open neck shirts - but i'm just a bluff old traditionalist :wink:
Agree with you totally... JRs in half blues with a white front look like sailors. If we'd have stayed in white fronts and not gone across to normal white shirts then they wouldn't have needed to procure those "Royal Navy" eppaulettes to distinguish JRs from bus drivers, security guards, traffic wardens etc.

As for comfort, the material they've been produced in from around the late 90s is no less comfortable than the white shirts.
White fronts uncomfortable? Yer 'avin' a bath, mate. We used to dread the onset of winter. The warm but terminally scratchy sea jersey was uncomfortable. What the **** is wrong with matelots today. Do they issue you with Comfort or Lenor these days?
A white front was 4 tops in one, yak or spill yer wet down the front and you took it off and put it back on with the stain to the rear, you could then turn it inside out and reverse again for two more wears
White fronts were comfy enough, just a twat to get on or off plus you got the nice square sunburned neck when in warmer climes.

I posted a nice picky of me wearing one on the "When we were younger thread" :)

Whoever was in charge of procuring seamen's jerseys was a sadistic bastard, bet he was an officer who never had to wear one.
Would have made more sense just to give them peaked caps.

SJRM_RN, in your original post about white fronts you did stipulate

No JRs wear white fronts anymore, and haven't done for a fair few years; .
So it is possible that Bandy_E made his reply to your somewhat incorrect statement without reading your latter retraction.



Without wanting to stir, it's 1 Captain and 1 Commander ;)

The Captain is a QHN and head of QARNNS.

I, unlike you, am in a bad mood as I'm in DSC for the day. Never fun.

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