Great South Run 2008


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How many of the RR community took part today? With 19500 runners I know I can't have been the only one. Top day all in all and a massive thanks to the people of Portsmouth for coming out in their thousands to cheer all the runners on. :thumright:


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I was there too, either 1:24 (their timer) or 1:28 by my watch (I had a faff at the start hence the difference).

Yes, I agree, the crowds were good considering the weather! Thanks to all who shouted encouragment, apart from that useless steward at 5 miles who kept on bleating "Halfway, only 5 more to go" :rambo:

Given that I only started training again 2 weeks ago after 5 month layoff I feel oddly sprightly....for now
CPO(D) Ian 'Scouse' Fleming and a team from the Defence Diving School ran for the Meningitis Trust. Ian's step-daughter Claire died from meningitis and two of the team wore RN diving gear weighing around 98 lbs.

Former CPO(MW) Dorian 'Simmo' Simmonds ran for the Crohn's in Childhood Research Association. His 11-year old daughter Neve has been suffering from Crohn's Disease for the past four years.
I remember a run a few years back when they had the markers in kilometres with pacing myself for many a run with the mileage system I was FUBAR.

You always have one spectator shouting you are doing well not far now normally with a can of Stella!
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