Great Runs Ashore

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Greendeath, May 8, 2009.

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  1. I remember the first time I went ashore down Union Street. We were visiting from Pompey, whilst staying at whale Island (HMS Excellent) preparing to do a Royal Guard for the Queen in Poole.

    The first thing I recall was seeing a bootneck dressed up as a woman with a bowl of fruit on his head and then another load of bootnecks dressed up as old women complete with coats hats and handbags. What I didn't know then was my civvies wardrobe was about to take a turn and start building up from Toga to suzzies, batman outfits, cowboy stuff and all kinds of crazy drab. 8O :D

    Its amazing, what a great atmosphere fancy dress creates. Great fun and excellent runs ashore .

    The guy I went with was called Nobby Clark. He was former 40 Cdo before joining 45. He always found it difficult to trap because he got so shiters. Sooooo, one night he went ashore with his pyjamas, alarm clock, towel and dhoby bag, complete with full wash kit. And, guess what..... yep you guessed it, he ended up filling his dhoby bag with ale and drinking gallons getting shiters and still didn't trap. However, his teeth were shining brightly as he kept brushing them and swilling his mouth with ale. Of course, he didn't waste any beer, that would have been worse than being a plumbs rating!! :D

    RM Poole During the display put on for the Queen, 1984:

  2. I always liked pompey .Malta was another one foriegn
  3. Best run ashore I ever had was the Phillipines in 88 (Outback on the Ark). Only place I have ever paid someone to do my duty!!!

    Or Roosy Roads in Peurto Rico, 6 weeks in the sun, to fire 4 missiles!!! Had to endure this 3 years running by Crab air!!!!
  4. I can't be arsed to explain exactly the reasons why but my top 5 looks like this:

    1. Montevideo
    2. Barcelona
    3. Budapest
    4. Newcastle
    5. Cardiff

    Rio would have been in there if it hadn't been built up so much and ended up a little bit of a dissapointment. That said, abiding memories of riding up and down copacobana beach ringbolted in a golf cart with the club swinger sat in the basket on the front shouting Borat quotes to every passer by and launching donuts at thong wearing Brazilian men was a true highlight. Take a bow clubs, you know who you are.

    I have Talinn and Oslo coming up and I fully expect one of them to creep in to the top 5.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Liverpool for me. Turning up at Altcar ranges thinking "great, middle of fcuking nowhere again.." and then discovering the train station at the bottom off camp with a regular service into scouseland.....brilliant. The really good thing was for once B coy got there and got ashore before Sp Coy turned up so we hadn't been banned from anywhere yet!

    One of the Lads didn't fire a shot all week (O.K more than one. :wink: .) but filled in his range card with middle of the road scores, because he had no spectacular scores he also had no bad ones and ended up winning the overall best shot. How we giggled at the presentation parade... :p

    But, as GD says, Union Street in the mid 80's was a young thrusters delight. Just think it was only half as good as in its hay day!!
  6. For various reasons

    1) Halifax, Novia Scotia
    2) Gib
    3) Malta
    4) Bermuda
    5) Cardiff

    But most runs ashore are good runs ashore, depends on what you make of them
  7. What is so special about Cardiff that it made two people's top 5?

    I only ask as I live there and it's quite a good night out,but I guess it must offer something special for a run ashore for it to be top 5?
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    loose women... :wink:
  9. The onbly bad run ashore ever was Aden.

    Best ones

    Lorient (my jacket had an even better run one nigth than I did
    Dundee what I can remember of it (was my last run in boats)
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Best: South Africa, Stockholm, Rio, HK, Bangkok. Most ghastly place on the planet, Aden. That's out of 45 countries in 14 years at sea (except for courses). Joined Navy, saw world.

    Told BBC bod doing interviews that S Africa was top visit - that got cut!
  11. Not had a chance for a run ashore as yet, however...

    That loose woman thing is right, i've NEVER been out in Cardiff and not pulled. Every single time, works like a charm! Must be something in the air.
  12. All a long time ago......when the world wasn't flat

    Hong Kong
    Punta Arenas
  13. Loose, and (reasonably) good looking women, good pubs, the brains brewery and the bonus is that all the blokes look the same (fat inbred rats cnuts) , are thick as fcuk and can't handle their ale so it's doubly easy for Jack or Royal to get stuck in.

    I was present when HMS Cardiff decommissioned and that was a fcuking epic lash up, the likes of which you only read about. Happy days.
  14. Loose women...must be the Valley girls who appear here every weekend.
    Anyway that comment doesn't apply to me anyway as I am a Swansea girl originally and we are upright, moral women ( errr..umm..maybe). :roll:

    I was invited to a party on HMS Cardiff in 2005 but was told by my Army Boyfriend (at the time) that I was not allowed to go "for my own safety" ..wish I had now !. You are correct in your description of Cardiff Men, Monty. It is tough times for single women in this city!
  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    After due consideration, my top 5 would be:
    1. Surabaya
    2. Sidney
    3. Perth (WA)
    4. St Petersburg
    5=. Kiel (during Kiel week) or Liverpool.
  16. Dunno about Valley girls, they were all students. As I said, I swear its something in the air.

    And don't give me that I know loads of Swansea girls. None come anywhere close to upright or moral. Especially upright.
  17. Generally found most runs to be pretty anonymous on reflection.

    The ones that come to mind; Tokyo, Amsterdam, San Diego, Boston MA.
  18. Nice - Surprisingly good run
    Mombasa - After six months on Armilla, it was paradise
    Malta- All the usual reasons
    Penang- We flew off and left the cod gobs at anchor
    Jebel Ali- Regular stop for Dubai
  19. Some of the best runs were the fishing ports we used to visit on the Fish Squadron - Kirkwall, Lerwick & Stornoway - the CMS probably found better, as they could get into the really small places we couldn't on a Type 14. The worst ? La Pallice (locals still unhappy about the RAF trashing the town instead of the U-Boat pens 21 years previously): St Jean de Luz - anchored inside the breakwater, but right opposite the entrance - it was just like being off Iceland. We only stayed 3 days instead of 7, and really pissed off the organisers of the British Trade Exhibition.
  20. Yep, that was us, HMS Cardiff decommissioning. You'd have loved it.

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