Great Offer from Halfords.


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Hopefully this may help a few of you out when it comes to your car MOT
I took advantage of this offer a couple of years ago.
Bought a Car Sponge from Halfords paid £1.00 and got a voucher for a FREEEEEE MOT.
Unfortunately I cannot use it this year as I have just had my MOT done.
Check the date validity of the offer to make sure it is worth you spending a quid :)



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Halfords always worth checking out. Years ago I needed vented brake discs. Mr Ford wanted £78 a disc. Checked Halfords. £48 a PAIR!!! Opened box, exactly the same markings as the OEM Ford discs!!!

There damaged tools bin is worth a shuffle through too. Two sets of Facom screwdrivers a quid!!!! Still have em 25 + years later.

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