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Found out recently that my Great Grandfather, who was killed at Ypres in 1917, was a recipient of the Military Medal. I have no paperwork regarding this, and was wondering if anyone knew how I can find out what he did to earn this decoration? I've had a look at the London Gazette, but nothing comes up under his name. Think the Imperial War Museum would have any ideas?
Any assistance or advice gratefully received.


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Try this for starters, go to the National Archives website, do a search for WW1 Medal Cards, enter your relatives name and see what comes up. You may find cards for several persons with the same name but if you know your rellies regiment or unit you should be able to pick him out. All his decorations will be shown on this card.

Once you find his unit you can then contact the relevant regimental museum and ask them for any details of your relative.

If this method does not work go to the Commonwealth Graves website and do a search there. This will give you the date your forebear was killed, his service number and the unit he was serving with. With this info you can begin a more in depth search on the web.

There are many websites which are useful in tracking down relatives service histories so if you need anymore assistance give me a PM and I'll try to help/

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