Great Grand Fathers RN Service Record


Hello Everyone,

I have recently been looking into both my great grand father & grand fathers RN service record.

I have both copies of the original documents which are truly a treasure to have, I have found an extract from the national archives and I thought I'd share some of his service with people who have served or are interested in this topic.

I'm still in the process of looking over everything and I'm applying for both their medal entitlements too.

I'd like anyone else out there who has a keen eye to look over this snippet of history. From what I can see he reached PO & his last post was as an instructor at a place called China Station.

He did serve in both wars , WW1 RN & WW2 in the British Army where he commissioned and left as a LT.

A braver man than I could ever be & I've never met him.

Link to service record:



I did research on one ship my great grandfather was on HMS Agamemnon and he was serving on this ship according to his service record when the ship shot down the German Zeppelin LZ-55 (LZ-85).

I believe his last job in the Navy was Musketry Instructor and Lewis Gun Instructor.

Judging by the locations he was in I think he may be entitled to the WW1 British War Medal, Victory Medal & 14-15 Star.

There is also a Navy GSM which I'm not sure if he was eligible for.

Its interesting to note as I thought not many men in those days had tattoos however from what I have been told and by his record he had a large eagle tattooed on his chest, I'm unsure if this means anything in the Naval world.

Thanks again for reading my post guys.

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