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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by attwoodc, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I've just been to my local AFCO and am applying for the Fleet Air Arm as a pilot, but thats not what i'm here to chat about.

    Tonight, me and a mate went for a few drinks down our local, and ended up walking down the high street to get a pizza.

    On our way, two blokes jump us. One goes for me, one for my mate. I flatten the one, and he's in a fight with the other, i'm trying to help him and the one i fought absolutley flays me with a right hook. We get away and we're ok.

    My question is, if id've stamped on that cunt's face when i flattened him, i wouldnt look like the bastard elephant man now, and we'dve been laughing about this at the moment.

    Is this the way Great Britain is going? You have to stamp the shit out of your fellow man to garuantee your safety? or am I in the right for walking away? And a black eye is my punishment?

    Just wondered your view on the subject.

    Hope to see you on the fleet soon.

  2. I commend you for walking away. I know it was his fault but the Blue might not have seen it that way- you did the right thing, and in the process safeguarded what I assume is a clean criminal record.

    Potential pilot with a street side brawl to his name was never going to be a good look, walking away was best for you and not him.

    Well done chap.
  3. I agree with Sara. You did the right thing by walking away.

    When you go for your interview the black eye will have long gone.

    Stamping on someone's head, whether you believe they deserve it or not, will most likely land you in the slammer.
    You won't stand much chance if you want to join up as an Officer, having a conviction for violence.
  4. It is unfortunately, sorry to hear you got caught. But never ever use your foot in anger! You both did the right thing and left it at that.

    I'm sorry you didn't even get your pizza? Pizza Mmmmmmmmm...
  5. Walking away is always the best thing to do.

    Not only does it take the bigger person but it stops all those interviews etc and the possibility of private prosecution from whichever chav it was that had his feelings hurt (or parts of his body) by your self defence in the first place.
  6. I hope you reported it to the police, they are unlikely to do much about it, but at least it would mean that the real crime figures would get reported.
  7. Unprovoked attack on the street? You were acting in self defence and had every right to kick him in the goolies imho. He wouldn't have come back at you then, and he wouldn't have the scars to show the police later, either.

    But yes.... walking away showed far more maturity and stamina. If ever you get into a dogfight, though, don't turn your back again! Annihilate the bastard!
  8. I guess I'm going to get flak for this, but I disagree. When someone has been put down, make sure they have no incentive to get back up. If that means using 'feet', then so be it.

    It's sad thats the way it is these days, but with society being so violent, whats the choice?

    Oh, and before I get labelled a thug; if I have the choice of running away, then I would, EVERY time. However, if I'm cornered and have to stay and fight, then I'll do what I have to do. And then some.

    The 8 inch scar on my neck where I collected a knife from a chap trying to murder me by cutting my Carotid in a 1 against 5 knife fight (sadly at the time, they were the only ones with knifes) might be somewhat coulouring my perception, but there it is. If I wasn't fairly proficient in some Martial Arts, I'd have died that night.

    Sad world, aint it?
  9. Remember the old adage

    Do as you would be done to.............................but do it first
  10. I had a altercation with some numpty who was hassling 3 women who were not known to me, but had asked to sit at our table. I was quietly shooting the shit with my oppo and we were both on our first pint. This numpty waks past these women and starts hassling then. he's obviously VERY pissed and the women just laugh it off. On his way back from the heads he stops again and sarts hassling them again. One of the girls asks him to go away, and i interject with a "come on mate, leave them alone" He obviously takes exception to this and sits next to my mate. Anyway, cut a long story short, he swing for me and catches my right eye, i look at my mate in disbelief and follow it up with 4 well placed head punches that puts him over the back of his seat. My point is that i too usually walk away from that sort of thing these days but sometimes it cannot be helped and the fellow in question definately learnt lessons from his actions!!

  11. Cheers for the votes of confidence guys, really appreciated.

    Was just a bit (understatement) pissed off for doing what i percieved to be the right thing, and getting a whack in the eye for it. To be fair to the bastard, he had a decent right hook on him.

    Have you noticed though, shit always happens on the most blinding of nights? I mean, i'd pulled, i was paraletic, things had started getting themselves together career wise (hopefully) and wham out of the blue a couple of smackheads (info off a mate today) decide to try and pale some lads who just want a pizza!

    And thats another thing, i did get the pizza, but i was so pissed off i threw it at the wall! Most unlike me.

    I suppose its a plus in the box when i get to meet St Peter eh?
  12. Walk softly and carry a big stick. :wink: But, do remember there is always tomorrow.
    Wasn't here a ship called Vindictive? :evil:
  13. Dogfight? We don't do dogfights!! I'm affraid the scenario described is akin to what might happen if he makes it as a Harrier pilot, Harrier GR7/9 against Mig29 or anything else for that matter, don't just walk away..... RUN!!!

    You did the right thing mate, carry it with you and it will serve you well again in the future!!
  14. You mean no more Red Baron???
  15. I agree, they did the right thing, after all they know what happened, they were there, but after some fast talking by the others will the magistrate or even a jury see it as it happened, that is always the problem. That has nothing to do with the world today, the bad guys have always lied through their teeth to get away with it.
  16. Quite right Peter. I'm afraid that too often that's the problem.
  17. That is where we have problems with Magistrates and Judges in general.
    They are paid to look at the whole picture before coming to a decision about a case, this should include character references as well as past convictions, and in my opinion it should include aquitals (sp?) as well.
    If some smarmy git is stood in front of you with a string of let-offs (can't spell aqui oh feck it!) then you should really ask yourself whats going on here. I know the way things are, you have to take each case on its merits etc, but sometimes that just doesn't work.
  18. It's always the right thing to walk away, but, 2 guys jumped me one night no one else about, when I finished they where a terrible mess, next thing I know there is this yellow board up looking for info on the 2 guys (Black)
    Now lucky no one say the fight, if they did I would have been in trouble for being a ex serviceman and nicking me, saying I had the advantage.

    So do you run away and do the right thing or beat the bast,ards to a pulp.
  19. Better to be scared than scared[as in scar silly English at times] he who turns and runs away lives to fight another day.

    Now where was I reading about plod being attacked by knife wielding knob and Samuari warrior appears and sorts the knob out??

    Police are searching for man with sword is now the headlines.

    Thing to watch with these feckers is they are usually low life scum!

    1 Make sure your tetnus jabs are ok broken teeth can give infection.

    2 The feckers can and will sue for damages under the scheme we have they will get it for free. You could end up losing your home job career.

    With being in my mature years a telescopic steel truncheon is now part of my walking equipment. Sooner face a judge than an undertaker is my motto.

    Put the feckers down and make sure they keep down!!! And give an extra dig for poor old granny down the road who probably met those feckers when she picked up her pension!!!
  20. You DEFFO did right! I was offered 'outside' by a pissed up nuisance at posh do, i refused for ages, but then obliged, put him in hospital where he complained to the police. I had to pay the arseole 300 quid and ended up with a police record. NEVER AGAIN !
    (Mind you, he might think twice before gobbing off in future) :???: :???: :???:

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