Great Britain Armed Forces Rugby League World Cup Squad Announcement


The final selection for the World Cup Squad was made after a hugely successful 2 day Performance Camp at HMS TEMERAIRE 13-14 June 2013. We have some serious surprises as you can see; we started with a ‘Train On’ Squad of 51 players who all completed a 12 week S&C programme set by Sam Dovey. Our gains have been phenomenal and some of our young players have literally launched themselves into contention as a direct consequence of adhering to this very strict and accurate part of our preparation. I wanted the selection process to be tough, I have certainly not been risk adverse and played 2 conditioned games in 2 days with the whole squad competing against each other. We have left out some serious athletes that will be hugely disappointed and I can only thank them for their fantastic attitudes and continued professionalism; selection has been very intense and extremely close as you can imagine and it would be worth keeping an eye on their performance in this years Inter Service competition which will take place on completion of the World Cup.

I can honestly say that this process has produced a fit, strong and smart bunch of individuals that fit the profile for the team we are looking to create, indeed its my opinion that this squad has the potential to be the best team we (CSRL) have ever fielded. On behalf of every member of HM Armed Forces I am very proud to announce final 24 players that will represent Great Britain.

WO1 (PTI) Wayne Okell - Head Coach

1. Martin Wood (RAF)
2. Steve Lockton (RN)
3. Dave Hankinson (RAF)
4. Scott Sarsons (Army)
5. Nathan Parkin (RAF)
6. Ryan Taylor (Army)
7. Lewis Taylor (RN)
8. Marc Donnelly (Army)
9. Gareth Lodge (Army)
10. Matt Watkins ( RAF)
11. Tommy Wilkinson (RN)
12. Colin Marangon (Army)
13. Simon Wray (RAF)
14. Kitione Kamikamica (RN)
15. Mike Haldenby (RN)
16. Tim Timani (Army)
17. Hutchinson (RAF)
18. Darren Bamford (RN)
19. Dale Jinks (RAF)
20. Tom Howley (Army)
21. Jordan Andrade (RAF)
22. Chris Gordon (RAF)
23. Lee Queeley (RAF)
24. Jamie Milburn (Army)

Travelling Reserves (Required for 5 Day Training Camp at HMS TEMERAIRE 17-21 June 13):

1. Josh Scott (RAF)
2. Richie Metcalfe (RN)
3. Gary Dunn (RAF)


AAF, v thanks for your interest. I will keep posting info on here, however you can follow us on twitter @GBAFRL or visit our website at

The tournament is being held at The Colchester Garrison the first 2 weeks of July with the final on 13th. We will be announcing the fixtures very soon.


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