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But an unfortunate typo...

from the RN website: original article West country ship lands US aircraft for first time

Body text:
West Country Warship Landed US Plane For First Time

Plymouth-based HMS Albion has operated with a type of American military plane for the first time.

HMS Albion, sailing with the Exercise Auriga amphibious task group in the US, operated successfully with the US’s tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft – the first time the class of ship had landed and operated with the plane.

Operating in the Camp Lejeune military training area off the eastern seaboard of the US, HMS Albion conducted the first deck-landings of Exercise Auriga with the US Matrine Corps state-of-the-art Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft. Proving that the ship can operate with the US Navy and tits (defective?) aircraft marks a milestone that has come from extensive detailed planning by the Royal Navy planners in Portsmouth prior to the deployment.

Capable of speeds in excess of 250 knots and carrying 24 troops, the Osprey is not only an impressive looking machine, but also adds significant operational capability to the exercise as it enters a busy phase of moving several thousand UK marines, soldiers, US Marine Corps troops and equipment round the training area.

HMS Albion’s Aviation Officer, Lieutenant Giles Bradford said: “It’s rare to be able to operate with advanced foreign military aircraft. To embark the Osprey to HMS Albion is a real treat; the various challenges involved have been embraced by all involved in flying on board and we look forward, having now proved our ability to do this, to seeing the aircraft delivering its operational capability to and from HMS Albion’s deck throughout the rest of the exercise.â€

In addition to the Osprey, HMS Albion and the other amphibious task group ships, Royal Marines and and US Marines, submarines and aircraft are also operating the US Marines’ Sea Stallion, the largest helicopter in the United States helicopter fleet. The US aircraft are operating with those from the Royal Navy’s Sea King Mk4 Commando helicopters from 845 and 846 Naval Air Squadrons, and Lynx Mark 7 light utility helicopters from 847 Naval Air Squadron from Plymouth-based HMS Ocean.

Exercise Auriga is part of a series of training exercises building on the UK’s ability to conduct small scale focused Intervention operations anywhere in the world, delivering amphibious forces supported by air power from the Joint Harrier force. The carrier strike and amphibious capabilities are at the core of the UK’s expeditionary maritime strategy.
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