Great Books in my far from humble opinion

I'm re reading the 1000 pages plus of the Great James Jones "Some Came Running".I first weighed through it back in 1958 . I tracked it down and the dvd film with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin through Amazon who are good at tracking down the vintage books of the 1950s.I've been able to obtain "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning,This Sporting Life, A Kind of Loving, The lonelyness of the Long Distance Runner and the dvd's through which as a sad old git I relive my 1950's golden era when I was invincable. Are there any James Lee Burke and Elmore Lennord fans out there? My good lady Lesley is working her way through the works of Alexander Solzhenitsyn which most of the titles I cannot spell. And the greatest film of all time is From Here To Eternity!
There's two books in my work bag.

...and one I remember reading quite a few years ago (1980's) which I wouldn't mind reading again.

I.m a Steinbeck buff my favourite is "The Log From the Sea Of Cortez and "Cannery Row".I've been through the Salinas Valley to Monteray and visited the locations in the book,
We read Of Mice and Men in school. One of the few books I liked that we studied. I'm reading Grapes of Wrath at the minute; I think it's even better.