Grdn: "Brown rejects claim UK troops lacked proper kit"

Difficult to say,really,as I don't know much about military matters. But ....our troops in Afghanistan being killed and maimed because the right kind of bomb-proof vehicles are STILL not available ?? Chinook helos that MOD bought 8 or ten years ago STILL unable to fly because MOD won't pay the USA for the right operating software ?? .50 calibre Browning heavy machine-gun ammunition,made in Pakistan and bought by MOD "on the cheap" only permits single-shot ,not automatic fire ?? You couldn't make it up,Mr Brown !!
But ......The Taleban seem to be managing quite well with AK47 rifles,RPGs,and home-made bombs ; now,why is that,I wonder ?? Is there a lesson here,Mr Brown ?? Sometimes,it's the simplest things that work the best.....
daffy1 said:
Funny that everyone you see has brought their own kit to some extent.
Yeah but to be fair thats always happened. Not that I agree that the troops are getting the right equipment in sufficient numbers!!!

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