Gratuity, what did you spaf yours on?

Pay some of the mortgage off, invest wisely, ISAs?
**** it
Brand new Triumph, second hand freelander2, 2x pedigree Beagles for the wife, and a Florida holiday. Anyone else gone a bit Imelda Marcos?
Disney Extravaganza
New boiler, no no the wife, an actual boiler.
New roof on the house.
And a portion to the ex iaw with the rules.


Book Reviewer
Paid off the mortgage, a Saphire and diamond ring for her indoors and a pair of decent binoculars for me. The rest...into the Bank.


War Hero
Needed ALL mine to help with the increase in property prices between Wiltshire (where I lived when in the RN) to Berkshire (Where BAe insisted I move to):blank:


War Hero
Book Reviewer
I bought a complete Stormtrooper outfit (Imperial Galactic Forces, not Wehrmacht) and drum kit. And a few other life essentials that I'd wanted since I was 7-years old...

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