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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by wysiwyg, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Anything happened with regard to this in any RNR units?
  2. If you mean the Ratings slides, Yep our Loggies ordered loads and swapped them over, both Black and Olive green ones.

    I believe the Officers ones are coming in now. Last time I went in they had a massive bin bag full of Officer Slides with the R in, with every rank apart from Commodore.

    On the same line does any unit have the AWFP branch badge that we've been told to wear as of 1st Nov 07. Apparently its the Warfare Badge with AWFP above it (according to the official letter that went out).
  3. We had a meeting this week with regards to badges for combats and were told that we had to put the Royal Navy badge above our right pocket and were also given blue RN & Ensign badges to go on the opposite side of the Jack. No mention of AWFP Branch badge though.
  4. Right Pocket??? Slops in Nelson put it above your left, Believe there is a signal about it somewhere, I will envisage to clarify. Not heard the RN and Ensign badge bit.
  5. GSSR_Vvd alright mate, does the Navy ensign go on the No.3s or CS 95s?
    (I think i've F**ked up)
  6. IIRC Signal recently came out to say right pocket.
  7. the signal I refer to came out last year so has probably changed again, just to confuse all.

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