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granny's getting old.


Book Reviewer
77 today. Never thought I'd get 37 years of Pension out of the 'pusser', haha. Now I'm all set for the next decade. Wifes taking me out today...Tescos, shopping, wheee!!!


War Hero
(granny) said:
77 today. Never thought I'd get 37 years of Pension out of the 'pusser', haha. Now I'm all set for the next decade. Wifes taking me out today...Tescos, shopping, wheee!!!

Happy birthday you old bugger. Keep it up! (the birthdays as well :wink: )
Many Happy Returns of the Day, Granny!




:wink: :twisted:


War Hero
A 77 year old GI eh?
What does that equate to in Human years?
Have a good one you old fart and don't forget to check in later. Could you put a post/dit on here about how it feels to piss yourself whilst sober. :D :D
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