Granny's birthday

Happy Birthday old timer.................anybody whos had a pusser's pension half his life must be blessed......enjoy the day. :eek:ccasion5: :eek:ccasion4:
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Many thanks for your kind wishes my nefarious friends. It was a day of love and peace. Now back to normal getting permanent flack from 'er indoors. Right, onwards to the next 40!


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I dont want to live 'till I'm 80
you will when you are 79

as they always say on the news, whats the secret of your longevity?
After three heart attacks resulting in three stents,I decided that being a smoking, non-exercising piss head may not be the best life choice. Stopped smoking and drinking. took up Bowls, the rest is history. 'Simples' as the advert says!
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