Granny needs a new computer.


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Hi all, with my worstening eyesight I'm going to get a desk top. I have two in mind....
1) An HP Pavilion...23" All-in-one Touch screen. 8gb RAM and 1 TB HDD. £600 ish.
2) An ACER Inspire ..23" All-in 0ne Touch screen 8gb RAM and 2 TB HDD. £700 ish.

Not sure which one would suit my needs better. Do I need 2 TB or would 1 TB be sufficient ? Not sure about capacity etc.
Both have Windows 8.1.
Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

I just bought the HP with a 1Tb hard drive and very pleased with it ... seem to have loads of photos on it already and its hardly touched the capacity of the HDD ... mind I do have a external 1Tb back up drive and as I bought Office 2013 (student version) I got a 1Tb cloud drive too! Yards of space!
Depends on how much porn you want to keep, had mine 5 years 320G memory, used about a quarter of it with a 500G external HD to back up. the way I'm going it will have worn out before I run out of memory, on my second internal HD.

Whats the memory in your current machine and how much memory have you used?
I'll spend a bit of time looking at various specifications and see if there's anything decent. Will post again later with any information.
In the meantime:-

Granny. Touch screen p.c's are fine but remember that if you're constantly raising your arm to switch screens, open stuff up, drag, paste, cut, copy and all the rest of the I.T. commands that we usually do with a mouse.......your arms going to get mighty tired of doing it all.
Try to imagine running round a parade ground with a 303 at high port arms for an hour and you'll get my drift. A laptop running Windows 8 (which I believe is the touch screen O.S.) would probably
be more suitable, as you can still angle the screen down from 90 degrees to lessen the effort required to do everything. Desktop all in one affairs may not tilt sufficiently....but you could probably check this out with PC Worlds computer geeks before thinking of buying anything.
Just thinking about "ease of use" rather than actual computer specifications.

Cheers mate,



I've got one of these in my shed. Piece of piss to use but the
downside is that it takes approximately three weeks to boot up.

I would very strongly advise you to look at a MacBook if your happy to spend £700 you can get some good deals on them online. I know it a laptop rather than a PC but I am a very big fan of OSX over Windows and I honestly can't believe Microsoft get away with turning out such crap.
Ive downloaded so much porn in the last 2 years and never had a virus.


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I hear you but no need to spend so much. I use a Lenovo PC for the intricate stuff and a Nexus tablet for sitting on the site browsing while the TV is on. Both for under £500 and well suited to all the work I do. I don't use anywhere near the full capacity.

The tablet is real easy to use and easy to hold in one's hand, very light.
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