Grandfathers service number ?

Hi Gents, some help please...

My Grandfather enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1915 then to the RNAS as a Rigger (Airship)and I have his Royal Navy Certificate of Service his service number is F10***.

In April 1918 he was transferred to the RAF still as a Rigger (Airship) and I have his RAF Certificate of Service, his service number is now 210***. In September 1918 he was discharged from the RAF as he was selected for a temporary Commission as a Sub Lieutenant in the RNVR. I have his medals marked with his RNVR rank and I have his RNVR commission document.

What I'm after is his new service number as an Officer in the RNVR any ideas where I could find that out ? Would he have kept his RAF number ? reverted back to his RN OR's number ?

Thanks for the input.

I shall try all the suggestions

I have an arm (?) badge which is of a mine and has Mine Clearence Service on it, also some pics of HMML (Her Maj's Motor Launch, I guess) boats.

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