Grandfathers Medals - Help Required.

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Many moons ago my Grandfather's WWII medals were lost. I have recently acquired a copy of his service history, the S - 459 form. In the column Medals, Clasps & LS and GC etc he is marked down as having received on the 21st Jan 1946, S1075 No 323712. No nature of decoration mentioned, i.e theatre. On page four of the report in the good conduct, badges and medal column he is marked down for receiving his first in Feb 45 and another award in Jan 46.

He was a stoker on the Boom Defence Vessels Bardell, Barrage, Consbro and Sonnet. The shore bases he was attached to are Duke, Rooke, Eland, Hannibal, Melanpus, Leonidas, Cormorant, Pembroke IV and Lucifer. From Feb 1942 to Feb 1946.

From my investigations, Duke was in Malvern for Stoker training. Rooke was based in Rosyth. Hannibal was based in Algiers and Leonidas was based in the Gold Coast.

Could the wise old owls out there please update me with relevant information as to what medals he was awarded.

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DUKE - Commisioned in 27 May 41 in Great Malvern to provide tented accom for new entry stokers - paid off in 31 Mar 43 - site turned into a Royal Signasl and Radar Establishmen

ROOKE – Rosyth Naval Base – 9 Apr 40 paid off 30 Jun 46 renames SAFEGUARD

ELAND - Commissioned 1 Oct 41 in Freetown, Sierra Leone and paid off 30 Apr 46 - accounts were hed at Barbrook II (also Freetown, Sierra Leone)

HANNIBAL - Algiers/Taranto - Commissioned 1 Jan 4 until it paid off on 14 May 45 - Recommissioned on 14 May 45 as an independent command with accounts being held at St Angelo (Malta) - British Personnel based at Algiers, Oran and Bone. PAid off 31 Jan 46...

MELANPUS - Bathurst, the Gambia, Naval Base - Commissioned Mar 42 and paid off Jun 46

LEONIDAS - Takoradi, Gold Coast – Naval Base – Commissioned 26 Jan 42 paid off 20 Jul 45

CORMORANT –Gibraltar Base – Commissioned 1 Jun 00, renamed ROOKE 1 Jul 46.

PEMBROKE IV – Chatham Accounting Base

LUCIFER – Swansea Base –commissioned 1 Nov 39 paid off 31 Mar 46 – Accounts held at Drake IV (Devonport)
Many thanks FNHT. The Cormorant base has concurred with recollections of what my Grandfather told me. I'm amazed by the West African postings.

Can anyone give me any history in the ships that he served on? He did say that he was involved in the Malta convoys but his service record doesn't show this.

Thanks Salty-dog, I'll take a look.



HMS Bardell Z195 – Boom Defence Vessel (750 tons)
Launched 12 jan 42 at Blyth, Northmberland
Commissioned 12 Jun 42
Sold at Freetown, Sierra Leone 1950

HMS Barrage Z54 – Boom Defence Vessel (750 tons)
Launched 2 Dec 37 at Hall Russell’s
Broken up in 197- at Briton Ferry

Consboro was a Grimsby trawler (GY244) invariably invovolved in Minesweeping Duties

HMS Sonnet – Boom Defence Vessel (530 tons)
Launched in 1939
(top speed 11.5 knots, armed with a single 3-inch AA gun).
Thanks for the link Jerry. I looked at this page last night. There doesn't seem to be any ships of the Bar class incorporated in the listings or any Boom Defence Vessels. I'll keep looking. Thanks again.

National Archives may have log books - had a quick look and not a lot there, would need to dig a bit more to see if there is anythng cross-referenced and the naval museum in Portsmouth may have a few bits and pieces...
In the National Archive is a series of volumes entitled "Movements of HM Ships and Submarines", references ADM 1/2545-2577, covering the whole of WWII, and going back to 1922 in some cases. They list each ships movements nd locations, and record such things as boiler cleaning etc. I can't remember if EVERY RN ship is covered, but as one volume deals exclusively with wooden Motor Minesweepers, I should think it's pretty comprehensive. The Naval Historical Branch probably have a copy, I know they have a card index which is rather large, so should cover BDVs and trawlers. The amount of detail recorded in these voulmes is enormous, and is definitely worth while going through for any vessel you are researching.

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