There's an old rocking chair that stands in the corner, it certainly has pride of place
When I think back to the days of my childhood, I can remember my old grandad's face
He used to sit for hours and hours, just rocking the chair to and fro
With a pair of old slippers adorning his feet, face red in the firelight glow.

There wasn't much hair on the top of his head, but what he had was a halo of white
A walrus moustache under a bulbous nose, in his mouth an old clay pipe.
Dark brown eyes peered out from a craggy face beneath a beatled brow,
That was often creased in laughter, I swear I can still hear him now

Dressed in an old grey shirt and black trousers with a wide thick belt around his waist
A large mug of tea in his toil worn hands, with two sugars, just to his taste.
I remember the times when I sat upon his knee
He told me some wonderful stories of his life whilst at sea.

He told of tall Clipper ships with white billowing sails,
Of fighting with sharks and wrestling with whales.
The giant water spouts and the fierce monsoon,
How he walked to the North Pole and was first on the Moon.

He's climbed the mighty Everest, caught tigers in Bengal
Helped to build the Pyramids in Egypt and dived over Niagara Falls.
Yes I remember my grandad and the wonderful tales that he told
Of the days when he was younger, so brave and true and bold.

You may think that these are tales made up to amuse a child upon his knee,
But I know that they are gospel, because my old grandad told me.
I swear that old rocking chair's moving, I wonder could it be the draught?
Or could it be the ghost of my old grandad, coming back just for a laugh!

some old Seamans tales huh :) SALTY

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