Grandad in the Navy, 1940s/50s - help locating him please?

Discussion in 'History' started by Kelbag, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Hi there everyone :) My name is Kel and im currently trying to find some background info on my Grandad. He moved to the midlands from Plymouth in the 50s. I believe he was in the Navy for about 20 years. I would love to find out more. My Mum has lots of pictures of him in various places (India, Hong Kong, Columbo) but i don't know any details. I did find him on a passenger list going from Liverpool to Bombay in June 1944 and it had him down as a Storehouse Asst. Can anyone at all shed any light whatsoever or perhaps point me in a good direction ... thanks so much, Kel
  2. Welcome to Rum Ration, Kelbag.

    There are forms which you can use to obtain Royal Navy Service records, but I'm wondering whether your Grandad was perhaps in the Merchant Navy?
  3. Thanks for replying :) Ah he may well of been? Im afraid i don't know the difference ... is there a way i can find out? Do you know what a storeshouse asst would of done? In all these pictures it looks so grand but a storeshouse asst sounds far from grand? So frustrating ... ive done a few searches on find my past and such, but nothing naval has flagged up. Thanks again, Kel
  4. You say that you have found your Grandad on a passenger list. Which ship was that?

    Do you have any photos of him in uniform which you could post for us to see?
  5. Well on the passenger list it was THE CITY OF HONG KONG...but in amongst his pictures my Mum also found a postcard with this ship on it Roll of Honour - Ships - HM Troopship Dilwara ALl the pictures he is in he is either wearing a suit or shorts and a shirt ... nothing i would recognise as a uniform as such? Not very helpful am i :) Kel
  6. Sounds distinctly Merchant Navy, although I've found a reference to an RN Petty Officer storehouse assistant, WW2 branch badges are for stores assistants. If it's a handwritten/typed up (more than likely) passenger list the person making up the list could have been a civilian who got the occupation wrong i.e. civilianised it.
  7. Thanks for your replies :) No i didnt have anything come up on him when i searched the National Archives :-/ Its a passenger list i found on Find My Past. My Mum has actually text me this morning and says that on his passport it says Government Official as occupation .. does that mean anything to the Merchant Navy? Kel
  8. The Royal Navy sorted out a passport for me when I joined, my occupation was down as Government something or other, I wouldnt have thought Merchant seamen would have that down as an occupation
  9. He could have been an MOD civil servant.
  10. I know he was definately based in Plymouth, i know he definately traveled abroad for whatever reason, and i know his passport def says government official. I can't find anything at all on the National Archives :-/ So frustrating ... The pictures my Mum has are so interesting ... looks like hes having a blast in a lot of them! Posh dinners and such. I wonder what they would of been doing there exactly? What would a MOD Civil servant do? Thanks for taking the time to answer everyone x
  11. "Government something or other" Thought your occupation would have been
    "govt official 007" or trained killer!
  12. Thought your occupation would have been "govt official 007" or trained killer![/QUOTE]

    That particular photo was more Brook Bond than James Bond

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