Grand ole Duke of York - Aint!!!


War Hero
As I understood it he is still the Grand old Duke of York but will no longer be known as H.R.H. He has relinquished all his honorary military titles.
It is an effort by Betty and Chas to distance themselves from him should his U.S. court case create big waves later this year.

Captain Darling

I’m no fan of his - especially after that ridiculous interview where he came across as arrogant and privileged beyond belief. Furthermore, associating with a convicted paedo, regardless of your own status - speaks volumes in the kangaroo court of public opinion. And if it was my 17 year old daughter I don’t think there would be enough Royal Protection Officers in the world…

But currently he hasn’t been found guilty of anything (beyond all reasonable doubt or on the balance of probabilities/ whatever the septic equivalent is). So why has he been to Maj’s defaulters for consequential/naval penalties ie busting him down to commoner?

Innocent until found guilty and all that guff…