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Graf Spee's eagle rises from deep


War Hero

Divers have salvaged a 2m (6ft) bronze imperial eagle from the German World War II battleship Graf Spee that was scuttled in the River Plate.
Three divers had to loosen 145 bolts securing the 300kg (661lb) eagle to the stern of the craft in the muddy waters off Uruguay's capital, Montevideo.

"The eagle is really impressive... it's all virtually intact," said team leader Hector Bado.

The ship was scuttled in December 1939 to stop it falling into enemy hands.

Mr Bado told Associated Press news agency the eagle had a wingspan of 2.8m (9ft) and a special barge with a crane was needed to raise it from the river


Divers have recovered a 9' wing span metal eagle from the sunken German Battle ship Graf Spee in Montevideo harbour.The eagle weighed 661lb.Check out BBC news site for pics.
According to the story it's all part of a scheme backed by the Uruguayan Government, with tthe ulytimate aim of salvaging the ship for display/tourist attraction , they've already raised a 27 tonne section of the gunnnery control tower according to the article linked above.

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