Graf Spee's eagle rises from deep

Discussion in 'History' started by PartTimePongo, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Divers have recovered a 9' wing span metal eagle from the sunken German Battle ship Graf Spee in Montevideo harbour.The eagle weighed 661lb.Check out BBC news site for pics.
  3. Thats what I call a Gizzit!!
  4. According to the story it's all part of a scheme backed by the Uruguayan Government, with tthe ulytimate aim of salvaging the ship for display/tourist attraction , they've already raised a 27 tonne section of the gunnnery control tower according to the article linked above.
  5. I notice the PC Brigade have been there!See how the Swastika has been covered over with a placcy bag!
  6. I noticed that, they will saying next that Guy Gibson never had a dog!
  7. Yes, the Dambusters remake and PC input was discussed on ARSSE in some detail recently:

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