Graduate joining as a rating?

Here's something to consider - an accelerated apprentice can join with BTEC or acceptable STEM subject A Levels, aged 18 and earning £31,100 starting pay.

An engineering graduate, aged 21 can join as an engineering officer, earning just under £26,000 starting pay.
Then sadly after 22 years, the rating gets shafted on the pension front. Why is that?
Shafted in what way?

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Officers have always had a far better pensions scheme than ratings.
Officers have always been able to take more in cash from their pot than ratings coulc.
Explanation for this used to be that ratings were not sufficiently financially aware to be able to have complet control of their pension fund.
If you do have any engineering interests check out the UGAS scheme. You can potentially get an education waiver as Biochemistry is a physical science and it shows an aptitude for academics.

UGAS scheme; 8.5 year tailored career, fast track to PO and cat B watchkeeper and you'll come out of it with a second degree........ something to consider

Best of luck with your application whatever it may be


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Then sadly after 22 years, the rating gets shafted on the pension front. Why is that?
Dunno, I'm not a pension guru, possibly @vauxhall can advise you or point you in the right direction.

For most ratings the current contract is 12 years, extended to 20 if passed for killick. So far as I'm aware the pension is earnings related.

To be honest, having been on several persion schemes (AFPS 75, RFPS 05 & AFPS 2015) I've yet to see one succeeding another which takes less and pays more, so I imagine the Treasury hold the answer to the query.

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