Discussion in 'The Corps' started by MOOSE, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Alright Fellas

    some gen advice please for an 80s throwback. Due to deploy on Herrick early next year.
    my eyes are going and im struggling to read the detail on a map - esp at night.
    its time for me to invest in a GPS.
    Best one to buy - dont need any fancy features - just ease of use and of course must work in theatre

  2. There are quite a few sub £100 hand held jobs that give perfectly good basic numerical info. If you are going in one with map displays the first thing really is to find which mapping system has the maps you need then that starts to indicate the type of unit you need.

    If you are quite happy transfering data on and off paper maps then the cheap one should do fine.

    Will it work there, the key to this is the G in GPS.
  3. They do work out in Afghanistan and you can download the mapping here: Garmin maps There are GPS units on issue depending on who you are / what you are doing but the screen isn't particularly big. If you've got the money (£300+) go for a Garmin GPSMap 60. It's the don.

    You could do worse than ringing RVops and speaking to them, they know their sh1t.
  4. Why would you need a GPS for Afgan ?, most people dont bother with them out there but anyway, dont bother getting an expensive one get a sub £100 its nothing fancy but it has the stuff you will need. Also if you can wait till you get out there it might best to get one from Kaf or ask your PRI shop to get them in as they can get them alot cheaper cause you will get your forces dicount and you wont have to pay VAT, so its a good saving.
  5. thanks Daf
    why do i need GPS - Coz i cant hardly see a map close up any more !!!Always used map / compass . I am familiar with spugger etc however i need one for general uk use as well .
    Dont want to get one out there as i would like to spend a couple of days getting used to the thing - like i said im an 80s throwback

    thanks all for the advice
  6. I too can vouch for the excellent Garmin GPSMAP 60. I will be taking my 60CSx to Norway with me. They are much faster & more accurate than the earlier models, though the colour screens use more juice.

    Try where it is just £220. The map cards etc are extra of course.
  7. If you can afford it the Garmin GPS MAp60 CSX is the dogs. I've used it all over the world professionally and I use my own at home for Geocaching, sailing and kayaking. I cannot rate it highly enough. It certainly was SF choice in 06/07.
  8. I use a GPS for the purpose of a quick GR and mileage the trusty old map and compass are never far away.

    Batteries discharge easily a compass lasts forever.

    I bought the last one on Amazon.

    Mentioned earlier try
  9. I have used an old Garmin Etrex Vista for ages, particularly in the Scottish mountains. If I was buying a new one, I would buy the best Garmin that I could afford, or that met my criteria.
  10. A good piece of kit as long as you know how to use it properly otherwise its just an extra piece of useless crap to carry. The one i use (basic) is just as an aid particularly in Scottish winter conditions where its proved really good!!
  11. Also mate make sure you can use it in Afgan as the yanks tend to shut down the GPS signal for specific areas
  12. Good advice there XRD - a GPS should only ever be an AID to navigation not the be all and end all. I tend to go out on my own most of the time (I know the risks but I like it that way) and like to think of the GPS as my Oppo who checks my map reading and other navigational skills.
  13. By its very nature GPS is in fact very difficult to switch off for relatively small parts of the globe. However any one with the right kit can jam it in localised areas. Equally one must remeber that these days GI Joe can't even find the heads without GPS, so if the septics are in the same part of the country they will not be switching off GPS.
  14. There is full GPS coverage in RC(S).
  15. When i deployed in 06 i used the garmin one with the yellow front (don't know which one it was!!) nice and basic, took pussers battery (V important) and quite simple to use. don't need to download maps for it, just use MGRS (military grid reference system) and it automatically works on pussers maps. don't go out on the ground with it switched off - if you need it asap you don't want to be waiting 5-10 minutes for it to find signal tho!!!
  16. Found a GPS pretty essential for LR vehicle borne nav. I used an Etrex Summit (brown one) but 6 months in the Dasht pretty much killed it though. Again pussers penlights all the way.
  17. I have the same yellow fronted GPS which is luckily very easy to use although i agree with montfish that waving them around trying to get a sat link can look a bit ridiculous after a while!!
  18. mate you need a foretrek 101 this is what we have been using they are cheap around £80-90, you can either wear as a watch or strap it to your osprey, they use AAA batteries that you get through pusser, they are really easy to use and you can set the display to show in big (you are Mc Goo i belive). they are being issued, but this is only normally 4 per troop. there is a 202 do not get this as it is rechargeable, obviously not ideal on the ground. map and compass obviously still being used but GPS is quick can give a good quick grid, very usefull as long it is only being used as an aid. hope this helps.
  19. I bought the navigo from e buyer, it cost £45. It has a sd card so you can run tom tom on it, and download all the maps free from a website called pc tailor(its dedicated to the navigo). All the instructions are on the website and Iv`e done it ok so it cant be hard.

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