GP surgery not sending capita data


Hi guys , I understand due to the corona pandemic recruitment timescales will be notably longer and that’s perfectly understandable .

However at my medical triage call I was made TMU pending further information as was expected, i later rang my GP surgery two weeks later , they told me they had received invoices for the information capita needs but I was told that no information will be transferred without prior payment but capita has stated payment is made after . Therefore I am not sure how the process will move along as will there be any options for me to personally pay to speed the process up or by speaking to the practice Manager or anything else like that . Any advice or info would be great . Thanks


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This problem has raised it's head in the past and if I remember correctly the advice was to contact the Practice Manager. It sounds like it is a standoff between your doctors and Capita but this request has been made thousands of times and has worked out for all parties in the end.