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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by GSSR_Vvd, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Well it has been anounced in unit this week that JPA cant handle the means of collecting 1/4days pay from everyone for our GP Fund. This is the same for everyone in the RNR however some units have other ways of making money for their GP fund which in turn means they have more money to spend on jolly days for the ships company.

    I ask the question, and i'm sure some will disagree with this and correct me in many places however, if a unit has an aditional income for their GP fund would it not be in the wider intrests of the RNR as a whole to put a percentage of their aditional income into a seperate account for the whole of the RNR which could be used to maintain high turnouts for events?

    As it was said last night, why sould we suffer just because we are in a dockyard. We all wear the same uniform. :nemo:
  2. Oh please dont get me started on this one. :pissedoff:

    Coming from a satalite unit we are little bit annoyed at the way that the money from the fund is ditributed. The list was promulgated a few weeks ago and we were a little bit peeved that the fund was empty due to the parent unit spending the cash on parties that we cannot attend, flowers, water coolers no one wanted, jollies for small numers of people. etc.

    We have asked for a seperate fund administered by the parent unit, unfortunatley our request was refused.

    We struggle to attend functions because;
    a) The parent unit is 60 miles away from the satalite unit. Even if we could attend we couldnt have a drink becuase they're usually on a drill night and we cant stay over.
    b) The mileage has been capped at 49miles.

    By the time we've requested funds from the welfare fund its empty.

    No offence to the people who have benefitted from the welfare fund, thats what its there for after all. but we'd prefer to be able to decide what our money is spent on rather than having it spent for us.

    On your other ppoint i wouldn't agree that their should be a central pot, so to speak. Some units earn more than others and other units spend more than some so it would end up in a bun fight.
  3. one unit has been told that if they dont pay up, then thy dont get bounty. I think that is an absolute scandal.
  4. Something smells funny there...
  5. We were told that the CO or anyone else for that matter has no right under any policy/act/law to force personell to pay the money. I think that would also include taking away bounty!!!
  6. The CO has a right in BRsomething to impose his own criteria for the payment of bounty.

    But whether forcing money out of the ship's company is a legitimate criteria is very debatable!
  7. I'd just rather not pay it at all.

    If there is a function to be had then those who want to and are able to attend should pay for it.

    I heard of too many stories of functions being badly attended when the moneys come out of the welfare fund.

    I'm also still bitter about the coach trip to blackpool that was attended by 3 (thats right - 3) people. They still had a 24 seater coach though.

    A few lads and lasses from Leeds wanted to go but we were told they were not prepared to divert the coach off the M62 to pick us up. We would therefore have to travel to Nottingham to catch a coach that would then take us within 1 mile of our lovely little satalite unit on the way to blackpool. Needless to say we didnt fancy that.

    God i'm bitter! =|
  8. [quote="GSSR_Vvd"JPA cant handle the means of . :nemo:[/quote]

    Theres several things in the full time RN it can't handle either, and thats when you can get access to a terminal to use it!
  9. That sounds very odd to me too.

    PS: What does GP stand for, just out of curiosity?
  10. General Purpose, we got a nice message from our CO asking that we contribute out of team spirit. Needless to say I did.
  11. I have to say that I'm not convinced that docking pay to contribute to a non-public fund is either appropriate or legitimate.

    I rather sympathise with Trehorn on this one, it's extremely difficult to use such a fund equitably. Whilst we're supposed to have a team culture, and such a thing should support and encourage that culture, that can be difficlut to achieve in the current RNR structure. As we're moving to more specialisation based, rather than unit based, there is less and less opportunity to exploit the opportunity that the fund creates in any meaningful way.
  12. "one unit has been told that if they dont pay up, then thy dont get bounty. I think that is an absolute scandal"

    Spot on - the unit is HMS PRESIDENT, the CO sent a letter stating that participation is voluntary. In the same pack he sent this years bounty requirements stating that bounty would only be awarded if you had paid into the GP fund.
  13. TF110, did you just reply to yourself there?
  14. Sorry no - confusion on my part - I was furthering my example following some queries from above. I get confused easily though :)
  15. A quarter of a day's pay? We stump up a whole day's pay. How much does everyone else stump up?
  16. Nothing... o_O
  17. Half a day's day or 20 quid
  18. Clearly not an RNR wide issue, I see.
  19. I understood that it was;
    £10 for JR's
    £15 for SR & JO'S
    £20 for Officers

    Officers also have to stump up £20.00 for wardroom funds.
  20. Full day's pay in my unit also.

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