Govt wish to abandon veto over EU on crime & justice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Living in a country that for three hundred years has not had a veto over certain laws, yet has managed to retain it's own legal system and process, perhaps this is not as much of a problem as many people would imagine. After all we allready have the influence of Europe on human rights, which is in fact very closely related.

    Even so I would like to see more on quite how it would work rather than a few scaremongering headlines, after all the Times is in the Murdoch stable and he has little love fore Europe.

  2. I suppose I have a blind spot where the EU is concerned, because I'd like the UK out and running our own affairs without reference to the European Courts or Parliament. I don't buy the"how much worse off we'd be if we hadn't joined" crap that we're always fed by the pro-European lobbyists. How much less of our money would have been squandered on transport, the gravy train, compensation for any amount of slights etc ad infinitum. We'd still have a fishing industry and we'd be free to trade with whomever we liked. We'd be able to properly police our own borders. There would be no prospect of the Euro and the devaluation that will inevitably come with it and we wouldn't have to pay our bit towards employing failed British politicians in positions of high influence - Brittan, Kinnock and Mandelson to name but a few.

    I'm sure there's a lot more that others can add to this list, but the apologists will still think that the transformation from a common market to a federal European state was the right way to go. I've never seen any reason to regret the first vote I ever cast, which was a "No" to entry into the Common Market.
  3. I think at the time the choice was Europe, US (I think 51st state was sort of on offer) or stumbling even further into obscurity that we already have. Without an empire who needs us, who will make special provision for us, who will stop other trading blocks from introducing non fiscal barriers to trade.

    As to the squandered money, it the Europeans hadn't squandered it for us, our own lot would have managed quite fine by themselves.

  4. its about time we left the EU and managed our own affairs.At the same time we can keep all those millions that go to subsidise dumps like Greece,italy and Poland!
  5. If you lot could arrange it before 17th October when I take my European Law exam it would be appreciated!

    However, get real ... we are never going to leave Europe, our 'constitution' unwritten though it is, has the doctrine of parliamentary supremacy - that is a govt can make or repeal any act of parliament it choses, meaning that it cannot bind its successors. However that was overtaken by the European Communities Act 1973 which implemented the European Treaty in force at the time (there have been amendments to the Treaty since then and further acts have been passed). It means that European law has supremacy over English and Welsh law.

    At any time a govt could repeal ECA 1973 but I would eat my new kitten before that ever happens. Therefore stop whining and accept the advantages that Europe brings - the Eden Project for one, practically border free travel, Peter Mandelson out of the Country etc
  6. I must confess to being pro-EU insofar as it binds us to remain party to the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms - without which gays could end up having no rights again. For me it is simply an issue of survival, nothing more. A good example of why you need such laws are the activities of Conservative Christians in Hong Kong who want gays who have sex aged 21 or under given mandatory life imprisonment.

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